Friday, March 14, 2014

Still LURVing MUving

This morning I did the rest of my edited version of the Advanced routine on CardioBounce House Workout and really enjoyed the simple moves and my MUsic.    Then I did more drumstick and Drums Alive type clips but tweaked them to use the sliding filler in my Fitstix more.  Finished with some edited Just Right sitting on my stability ball.

I am very happy I ordered the CardioBounce House Workout on sale at Collgevideo.  Now that Collage is going out of business, the DVD is only available for $20 through its creator.  It is not a professional looking production so not worth its retail price IMHO but well worth the sale price and S&H I paid.

The Poundfit sample classes online have much better lighting and louder music than their Pound Rockout Workout Album One so I actually prefer the free sample classes to the DVD routines!
The videos were on the bottom of their 30 day Pound Off Challenge webpage but may have been removed since the challenge is over.

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