Saturday, March 22, 2014

Persian Zumba or Varzesh

The Persian Zumbas have been combined in this new upload:

This morning I did the edited file of the Cardio from the *Classical Stretch - Cardio Stretch* DVD with Miranda Esmonde-White who is the creator of Classical Stretch and Shelly McDonald who is known for her Caribbean Workouts.  Lots of bungee compatible moves and as usual, great MUsic added.
Then I did the youtube Mom's Cafe routines which I had also edited and found it worked great on the stability ball as well as the bungee.  I used my Fitstix for extra intensity.  Finished with a jessicasmittv toning and walk fusion to which I had also added Broadway MUsic and used my purple Zumba sticks.

Here's the original Moms Cafe routine:

just add your own favorite music :)

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