Thursday, March 27, 2014

Hamelin and Huckabee

This morning I warmed up with some edited Hamelin D'abell cardio on the rebounder then started revisiting the Stephanie Huckabee PowerFits.  Years ago, I had recorded the 2 PowerFit Plus routines when they were on Exercise TV.   Unfortunately (or fortunately?), the audio sucked because of the vcr hum so I replaced the audio.  I really enjoyed these two routines and even did some of the first disk from the original PowerFit set.  The Exercise TV Cardio Kickbox worked well while sitting on a stability ball with first the Shadowboxer belt then Fitstix.  I think I will have to edit all 15 DVD routines because I just prefer MUsic.

ETA:  I did remove some videos like the sample warm up of the Hamelin D'Abell Method dvdr to avoid any copyright issues.

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