Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Cardio Bounce Home Workout

This morning I did the Beginner routine on Aaron Scheller's Cardio Bounce Home Workout DVD which I bought during a recent collagevideo sale for ~$7 including S&H.

I liked most of the bouncing moves on the bungee and even on the stability ball but the music in the Beginner workout was way too soft so I will be editing it.   The music sounded louder in the Advanced routine so may try that one on the dvd.  The DVD is nicely chaptered giving a choice of the 45 minute Beginner or 60 minute Advanced workout as well as Playlists of both.  Camera angles could have been better but the moves are repeated enough to enabling getting them in another camera shot.  The Beginner Strength moves were ok but I used a low step instead of my bungee.  The Beginner routine is more do-able than most rebounding DVDs with a decent variety of simple to follow moves including modifications and would work on any rebounder cuz theirs was tiny. It had plenty of rebounding cardio before and after the strength segment and the Advanced routine seems to have even much more rebounding.

No Buyer's Remorse for the sale price but would have had remorse if bought at its retail price so doubt his more expensive DVDs would be worth getting.

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