Wednesday, March 5, 2014

More Winners

This morning's star was my edited version of the Interval Training routine from the Shape: 20-Minute Makeover. The MUsic I had added was perfect and the moves were similar to those used by jessicasmithtv.  What I especially like about this routine is the gal on the left is holding a dumb bell which makes a perfect option with a purple Zumba stick.  I cannot share this routine because it is not OOP and still available on the Shape Makeover dvd.

Then I did my edit of the last mile from Leslie's 4 mile Super Challenge and my edit of the sitting and standing abs from this Dakidissa routine with my MUsic.
original routine

I did some of the sitting moves in the center of the 550, some on the edge of the 550, and some on the stability ball.

It just seems like the internet is constantly offering great routines to download.
I try just to burn one dvdr a week then do that dvdr the next week but I have fallen so far behind, I doubt I will get to try all of the files, let alone revisit my favorites.  Heck I think jessicasmithtv alone could keep me moving.  I am really considering putting all of my old vhs and dvds out on a table in my driveway for parents to take when picking up their kids at the school near us on a nice day this Spring.

I am experimenting with Google Drive for sharing videos and think it may be a better choice than Dropbox!

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