Friday, March 7, 2014

New Jessica Smiths

Jessica Smith is offering a *Walk-On 3 Digital Download Super Set* including her two new Walk On routines (Dance Walk and Tone Your Trouble Zones) and her previously released Strength and Balance for a discounted price.  Well I already have the Walk On Strength and Balance as do most of her devoted fans so this deal isn't for us.
The other two new Digital Downloads can be bought separately for the samem price as previous DVDs.  Problem is her digital downloads have to be viewed through a special player so I probably cannot convert them into a video file which I can edit and the music is way too soft for me.  The Dance Walk which will be on DVD in 10 days doesn't appeal to me at all visually and I would only have bought it if ordering the toning dvd to support Jessica to whom I have also donated $$.
I rather just donate to her fund than have her lose the expenses of sending a dvd that totally doesn't appeal to me.  Hopefully, the toning one will be eventually available on dvd and if not, it looks like our love affair may be coming to an end if Jessica plans to go completely digital with a download that needs a specific player.

I even went as far as to edit the sample clip of Dance Walk adding MUsic and the clip still does not appeal to me!  The moves do not flow for me at all.

This morning I revisited T25 Alpha cardio and really liked the moves on my 550 bungee so may add MUsic to it.   Then I revisited the first half of my edited Fusion Walk from Jessica's Walk On Strength and Balance.  I had added Nia music found on youtube clips and the MUsic and moves really clicked for me, making the edited version one of my favorite routines.  Then I did alittle of the Cardio Ballet from her other dvd and really like the Classical music she used.  Revisiting these routines confirmed for me that I will be skipping her Dance Walk DVD and probably her digital download of her toning routine.  Hopefully, Jessica will have better louder music in the future or a DVD option.  If not, I have plenty to keep me MUving.

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