Saturday, March 8, 2014

Great Jessica Combo

This morning I warmed up with the second half of my edited Jessica Smith Fusion Walk from her Walk On Strength and Balance DVD then I did the second half of my edited Stride Walk.  Both of the above were done on my bungee.  Finished with the first half of my edited Stride Walk while sitting on a stability ball.  Even my husband who was in the kitchen during my basement workout enjoyed the music LOL

My feet have been much improved and I believe most of their improvement lately is from bouncing with my toes spread, a tip given by Shaun T in his T25 routines.   Oh and Dr. Oz mentioned Arnica Gel on his TV show yesterday.  This is the first time I ever heard a doctor mention it.  The other day my husband hurt his back (actually left lat) and Arnica gel immediately applied stopped the pain and it never returned.

Another Nia routine with Feeling songs has been discovered on youtube uploaded by Casey Bernstein:
here's a good one

and here's a nice one with Carlos in the group :)

enjoy MUving :)

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