Monday, March 31, 2014


This morning I did more edited Huckabee Powerfits and Hamelin rebounding.
All I thought during most of the workout session was *WOW*

The Powerfits have come to life with MUsic added.  Sometimes I use a band, sometimes I work the bodypart isometrically, sometimes I tweak the move to be bouncier on the bungee but most importantly, I keep moving.  When Stephanie is transitioning, I am bouncing.  I really enjoy alot of the moves and many remind me of the moves I enjoy on jessicasmithtv.  These were so boring to me when I first got them that I never revisited them.

The Hamelin routine has some of my best bouncing MUsic and his moves are repeated often enough where I can stick with a particular move for awhile if into it and pick up on another move once I am ready to do another.  It is simply the best video to bounce to whether on a rebounder or stability ball.

I cannot share these publicly but will share them privately if anyone has these routines and wants to add spice to them with my music selections.

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