Saturday, November 29, 2014

Still Jessica

I am still MUving to edited routines by Jessica Smith.  I have way too many routines to ever visit/revisit so I am starting to do just the warmups on many and moving on if the rest of the routines don't immediately click.

Here are the originals of my favorites this morning which I will try to revisit:

These worked great on the bungee and ball with the tunes I had selected.


The new MUsic versions are available on
Here's my invitation link again:
Look for Bouncin Barb and register if you want to see even more routines for residents.

Friday, November 28, 2014

2 More Jessica Revisits

This morning I did the edited files from Bootcamp Boogie and Fusion Band.


Done mostly on the bungee

Done standing with a band then sitting on the Hopper ball

As usual, it was mostly my MUsic that kept me MUving.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Giving Thanks to Jessica Smith

Jessica Smith and her generous spirit of creating so many wonderful routines on her youtube channel jessicasmithtv kept me moving  for more than a whole year when my mind and body were resisting.  Her simple to follow moves enabled me to add MUsic and make her routines about as perfect for me as any can be.

This morning I really enjoyed the edited version of her Power Interval Walk on the bungee and ball.  Also did some of the edited Bootcamp Boogie on the ball with Fitstix which I will finish tomorrow.

Here's more about Jessica

Original Power Interval Walk:

Our older son had lived a few years in London and now lives in NYC and all of his employers have medical insurance benefits.  He has taken his health seriously and quit smoking, joined a gym and lost a few extra pounds.  I was almost afraid to ask him today how his cholesterol was and if he was on a statin because it was alittle elevated when he was a child.  He said he never cared what his cholesterol was and would never take a statin.  What a relief!

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Black Friday Fitness

Last year, Jessica Smith did a Black Friday Fitness series for Shape.  I had edited them to remove the talking, etc.  Since I am starting our Thanksgiving preparation today, I decided it was time to revisit them.
Here is a list of the original videos:

I will also be revisiting other edited jessicasmithtv routines which I had burned to the same dvdr.

The past few days, I have added a few routines to my DailyMotion Happy Holidays Playlist:

It gets harder to get into the holiday spirit after most of our family have either passed on or moved away.

Stop the Insanity

This article describes how minimally a statin gives protection against a heart attack for those at risk:

Besides providing little benefit and putting financial stress on people to afford them, the side effect incidences go mostly unreported and people eat poorly and do not exercise as much, thinking the statin will protect them. For me, Lipitor greatly interfered with my ability to exercise, leaving me in pain and easily fatigued and miserable.

It will take several more years for the medical community to see the damage they have done to their patients. Insurance companies will eventually wake up as well and realize these drugs are causing them more of an expense than saving them in hospital stays and extra doctor visits to monitor blood. Hopefully, most pharmaceutical companies will face so many law suits that they will stop trying to poison the world.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Nice Routines

I did a few nice routines this morning especially my edited version of KCM's TrimDown which worked great on the bungee and ball.   Also liked the Just Jhoom Flash mob

and a few different ballet inspired lower body cardio routines, including those by Alex McClean, Tracey Mallett and Petra Kolber.  I have so many ballet type routines that I doubt I will revisit or add MUsic to the routines by Petra and Alex

Monday, November 24, 2014

Peripheral Neuropathy

There are new sensations going on in my feet and I am hopeful that these indicate recovery from the statin induced peripheral neuropathy thanks to B12.   Plus my left foot and right inner thigh cramped last night before bedtime so I hit both with Arnica gel and took a new night time leg cramping tablet found at Rite-aid and thankfully slept well.  It was a relief that the cramping didn't happen during the night.  Ironically, it is probably a good thing that my doctor was focused only on cholesterol levels because otherwise, he could have sent me to a bunch of specialists who may have done lots of inconclusive tests and put me on even more unnecessary meds.  I will learn to live with the ear buzzing and occasional vertigo if they do not resolve.

This morning I started with a bunch of Marina Kamen routines which worked well on the 550:

Then I did an edited P90 Saturday Special, removing planks and adding MUsic and the final clip worked great on the Hopper ball!

Finished with my edited version of Zula Hawaii which I really liked!
(the shorter version of this had been shared on but this morning I did a longer version with more cardio which I may share in the future)

Sunday, November 23, 2014

More Online Visits

This morning I did a bunch of different videos found online and think the best was an Asian routine titled *strectching 1* (typo needed for search on

There were some youtube rebounder workouts I may try again with our HDTV youtube app one day.
Otherwise nothing really felt different enough to revisit.

Again the workout seemed to stop some ear buzzing for awhile.  I may try bouncing throughout the day more.

starting off the Holidays with

Greggains Holiday Party Songs MU 1 by POMBarb

Greggains Holiday Party Songs MU 2 by POMBarb

Saturday, November 22, 2014

30 minutes of Bliss

I just enjoyed about 30 minutes of shear Bliss because I actually had no ear buzz for the last 30 minutes.

This morning I got hit with the ear buzz and vertigo even before my workout and think it got triggered by having too much coffee.  I had been avoiding hard bouncing and higher intensity in an effort to prevent the buzz and vertigo so I figured since they were already there to throw caution to the wind.  I did an edited version of *Dance It Off & Firm It Up*.  I was doing some of the repetitive moves, tweaking, and even freestyling to the MUsic till its last 15 minutes when suddenly the MUsic I added started clicking as well as the moves.   Then I realized after the workout, no ear buzzing and no vertigo!  Unfortunately the ear buzzing returned about 15 minutes later but I have hope that hard rebounding is more of a help than a harm.

I will be sharing the shortened edited routine with Residents.
To visit and give me karma for your visit:
(subscribe and look for me Bouncin Barb)

Statins are the Enemy, not Cholesterol!

They want to put just about everyone on a lifetime drug which really hasn't been tested for long term use.  Heck the doctor tried to put our 26 year old son on a statin too when his cholesterol numbers weren't really bad and since are quite good after changing his eating habits.

Having too much faith in the medical community, I was on 20mg of Lipitor for over 15 years for almost as long as Lipitor has been available with no other risk factor except high cholesterol and it wasn't even that high before starting Lipitor!. The deficiencies causing side effects crept up on me so I wasn't even aware of the symptoms as being statin side effects.  As we age, our bodies naturally make less essential substances.  Add to that the many artificial deficiencies that statins create, especially CoQ10 and Vit D.  Even cholesterol is an essential substance!  The focus on a low fat diet and avoiding saturated fats can cause a Vit B12 deficiency and so on.   (margarine may be the worse artificial nutrient man has ever made)

Exercise is critical yet statins causing a CoQ10 deficiency create a body resistant to exercise because of muscle aches and fatigue.  All of this lifetime of increasing deficiencies and statins really do not substantially reduce the risk of initial heart events or deaths from a heart event.  Besides ruining the daily quality of life by interfering with our natural processes, a statin can cause crippling muscle diseases, including heart failure and/or diabetes. STOP the insanity!!!!

Just say *No*
Eat balanced and move more.
Get out into the sun whenever possible.

ETA: just do your own research and Google for women and statins
 a few suggested articles:
last but not least. the man who may save many lives

I just wanted to add that most side effects go unreported.  My own doctor ignored my symptoms for years and never bothered to take any of my complaints seriously including light-headed fatigue which felt like hypoglycemia, brain fog, morning headache, vertigo, increased tingling in my lower limbs starting with my toes, hot flashes while postmenopausal for 2 decades, muscle spasms and joint pain,  Instead of healing or improving my daily quality of life, my doctor was solely focusing on my Cholesterol levels. Most of the medical profession share the same attitude so I had to try to heal myself.  Most of my symptoms have been resolved except for the buzzing in my ears 24/7 with an occasional bout of vertigo and lower limb tingling,  Oh yeah, I now have cataracts too :(

Friday, November 21, 2014

This and That

So it has been a rather stressful week and this morning my peripheral neuropathy was in overdrive.  Luckily, the vitamin B12 pills have arrived so will give them a try.  Also am trying  the less (?) potent Alpha Lipoic Acid (R & S combined) which right now feels stronger than half of the more potent RALA??  My heartrate is faster but not as fast as on the full RALA capsule.  I intend to continue ALA after breakfast and CoQ10 after lunch daily indefinitely and just try the B12 after breakfast till the bottle is empty since I am eating more meat again and off statins.  Otherwise just Magnesium at night, occasionally with Vitamin D if I don't get out in the sun or drink much milk that day.  The ALA kept my blood sugar and energy more level throughout the day and contributed to my recent weight loss of about one pound a week.  Our bodies make less ALA and CoQ10 as we age.

This morning I did a bunch of routines on the bungee and Hopper ball and my favorites as usual were those with replaced audio but probably will not share most if any of them because I prefer to upload routines I can do in my bedroom while streaming and my favorites this morning needed a bungee.  Mostly it was the MUsic that made me move and when I didn't care for the moves in the routines, I tweaked or free-styled alot.

ETA: I believe I was on my way to developing Diabetes because of Lipitor and avoiding saturated fats.  The peripheral neuropathy in my lower body is similar to that of diabetics and I obviously was becoming more and more insulin resistant.  My Triglycerides were higher than what I would have preferred and even my fasting blood sugar was occasionally too high.  My midsection kept growing in spite of not over-eating and having regular exercise.   After just a few weeks of stopping statins, changing my food choices and adding RALA, I am starting to lose weight and seeing my waist measurement go downwards instead of upwards.
Since I no longer have hot flashes after drinking wine, I am starting to have a glass of wine a day too.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

11/18 to 11/20

Blog 11/18 to 11/19
After enjoying a few hours of an outstanding internet connection with the new router, our FIOS service including our landline phone went completely dead. No phone, tv or internet.  I wasted over 50 units on my tracfone trying to get a live Verizon tech and about another 60 on my husband's tracfone trying to connect with a person then following their instructions to determine if we needed a service call which we do.  Unfortunately the soonest they can come is tomorrow morning 11/20.
Then while seeing if the router would magically return to life this morning in our den, I backed up in the dark to see if the green lights all went on (they didn't) and tripped onto the 370 bungee smacking my right thigh, calf and foot against its frame.  Thankfully Arnica gel immediately stopped the pain and bruising.  Yesterday morning during my workout, my right hip/butt problem got triggered and Arnica gel immediately resolved that as well.  Again, I urge everyone to have Arnica gel on every level in a home plus in your pocketbook, car or whatever when leaving home.  It will save you lots of pain and help healing.

In spite of being really stressed out, I still worked out this morning and enjoyed the routine: Total Cardio from The Daniel Plan.  I liked the simple to tweak moves on the 550 bungee which were each done for a do-able number of reps but will replace its audio. (Got nothing better to do this afternoon after a routine dental visit)

OK so I have been using our tracfones more since our landline and internet are disconnected.  Verizon may have slit their own throat letting us go so long without a landline because I am realizing we do not need one.  The only time I need a landline is when on hold and the only time we have been on hold the past few months was last night waiting for a live Verizon tech!  Why am I paying $30 a month for a landline just to screen telemarketing calls??

What is really neat is that I am using a cheap Tracfone feature phone surfing the net for an average of 5 units an hour using the mini Opera browser.  Yeah texting is taxing but better than nothing.  Thankfully we do have one tv on a converter so I will not miss Survivor tonight.

Before bed I did a great spark Angela's DanceMix but with new MUsic.

Blog 11/20

This morning while waiting for our FIOS service call, I did a bit of a workout revisiting some files previously edited but since I had left the cuing on the audio, I just didn't get into the moves as much.

OK now the FIOS update:
This is hysterical!
The Verizon repair guy kept getting us confused with another customer when calling us.  Then I see a Verizon truck go past our house and turn around thinking he was looking for us but he was looking for the home across the street because they were expecting service yesterday and got postponed.
He said a wire had ice in it and was affecting both of our signals.  Hopefully, everything will be fine for both homes once he replaces the faulty wire.

ETA: Yup all is well and working after fixing the outside connection.
We even got the guy's contact info in case we have any future problems.
He did think the dropped signals for the previous week were because of the faulty connection so we will enjoy our new router because of our inconvenience.  Luckily I had it hooked up and working just before the big crash.

Another Verizon truck just pulled up to restore service to the third house that shared the same connection as us!!!  I told the guy that it is probably already working since the other two houses were restored.  So 3 houses on the same short block that shared the same pole lost service and 3 different repair orders and appointments were made????!!!!  Is Verizon really that inept?

My B12  pills finally delivered.  I am hoping for improvement in either my ear buzzing or feet tingling.  Otherwise, these conditions may never resolve.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014


Today I did a bunch of online videos, some of which I had edited to remove moves I didn't want and add MUsic I did want.  I am going to get pickier about what I actually upload to because I already have way more available to me online and on my laptop than I will ever revisit.  That being said, I will continue to share some OOP content like the 2 Caribbean Workout Dance Stretch routines which I uploaded today and some more Body Gospel.

The routines I did this morning included the German Dynamic Pilates, Holly's Sweat from Exercise TV, a couple of Zumbas and 2 combined IFit Speed and Power routines.

I am expecting several packages today, one with the Vitamin B12 pills which I hope will remove more of my feet tingling and ear buzzing.  Also the new router from Verizon.

and I want to give another  Shout Out to RunHundred
Many of my favorite workout songs were suggested by RunHundred:

I had ordered the benefit package which included a CD and a variety of teas.
By mistake, I got 3 orders instead of one!
Its owner Chris told me to keep the extra orders so I am enjoying tasting a bunch of new teas on these very cold Autumn days.

Here are the Caribbean Dance Stretches:

Caribbean WO Dance Stretch Beach Pilates by POMBarb

Caribbean WO Dance Stretch Fit TV by POMBarb

(The Body Gospel routines are available to residents of

Our new router is up and running and I can now download twice as fast as before!  I am getting the same speed as when hard wired and much faster than we were getting when paying for a faster speed than our router could handle.

I urge all FIOS customers to get the new in-home agent app

It enables alot of fixes and a live chat.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Revisiting Caribbean Workouts and FIOS

Yesterday I started to revisit the Caribbean Workout Chiball routines which were broadcasted on FitTV several years ago.  These routines were also available on dvds which are now Out-of-Print.  However amazon and a few other vendors may still have some available.  Target sold all of theirs a couple of years ago, putting them on clearance.

I like these so much that I decided to embed them from DailyMotion.  You can hold any light ball like a playground ball.

Caribbean Chiball On the Go by POMBarb

Caribbean Chiball A New You by POMBarb

Caribbean Chiball Pilates by POMBarb

Caribbean Chiball Sculpt that Body by POMBarb

These are all full body feel good routines.

I wanted to mention something about our FIOS internet which may help others who are having similar experiences.   Before we upgraded to 50/25,  My laptop was getting 22/22 on our 15/5 plan.  My speed actually went down to 17/17 after the upgrade but was good enough so just assumed one day when we had a new pc hardwired it would be worth the extra $5 a month since most laptops need a newer router to achieve higher speeds.  Hardwired, my laptop was getting the faster speeds and I didn't want to shellout over $100 to FIOS for a new router.
Now I believe Verizon offers the new routers with speed upgrades!  So when I was agreeing to a new 2 year bundle, I reduced our supposedly 50/50 internet speed to 25/25 which is their current lowest.  It didn't seem to affect our laptops.
More recently our internet and VOD connections were dropping a couple of times a day so I finally bit the bullet and decided to try to do something like change the channel on our router.  Before doing this the hard way, I downloaded their new In Home Agent app which made this change much easier.  There is an important password for the router which may be its serial number.  I believe Verizon can get the password for you if you cannot find it.

Here is the way to change the channel without the In Home Agent

Anywho, my laptop is back to 22/22 and son's laptop is better than ever as well as our old hard wired den dinosaur pc which was actually showing lower speeds when 50/50!

Well changing the channel did not stop the random disconnections so Verizon is sending us a new router FREE.
I urge all FIOS customers to get the new in-home agent app

It enables alot of fixes and a live chat.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Leslie and George

Pretty much the same combo as yesterday:
First some of Leslie's edited 5 Mega Miles which didn't have as many interesting moves as the 3 Mega Miles but the music I added kept me moving (and singing).   I did about 20 minutes on the bungee while wearing a weighted vest but skipped the bands since I did them yesterday.  Then did another 10 minutes on the ball without the vest.

Finished with some of George Foreman's Champion Walk on the ball while holding Fitstix.  My quality on this video is poor because copied onto a VHS from another VHS.  I got my copy from a gal who was in a special trial group who were trying the routines before they were officially released.  Originally just two were released on DVD in a set at retail stores but I found two of the other dvds in a dollar store.  Champion Walk has a focus on options to increase intensity.  A few DVD copies are still available on Amazon.

I wore the vest to increase the pressure necessary to pump lymph in the hopes it would help my ear buzzing.  As usual the ear buzzing was less after moving but returned to full blast afterwards.  Online,  high impact is not recommended for Tinnitus but a Tinnitus expert put rebounding on the top of the list for recommended exercise.  Guess it depends on the condition causing the Tinnitus.  I enjoy rebounding way too much and appreciate its other benefits like having a great immune system to give it up even if it may be aggravating the condition.

This was my main spark today

and why did I wait so long to revisit this routine???

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Lurve MUving!

Great routine this morning!  I had edited Leslie Sansone's 3 Mega Miles, removing her older repetitive moves which tightened my hip flexors, turning it into 2 Mega miles LOL
The MUsic I added made it lots of fun.
The Moves were easy to intensify upwards on the bungee and the bands worked while sitting on the Hopper ball.

Finished with the rest of George Foremans's Ab Walk.
I noticed my ear buzzing lessens after moving so will try more sparks throughout the day.

ETA: from FitSugar

Friday, November 14, 2014

More and youtube

First I did some of Martial Arts Fusion found on youtube which was a nice bungee healthbounce accompaniment after editing:

Then I did some of my edited version of Buti Shakti Sweat I am Strong which was surprisingly good on the Hopper ball!  It reminded me alot of the second version of Yodates Cardio.
Originals found on WellVideo
invitation link is

Then I did some of Walk It Off with George Ab Walk while sitting on the Hopper ball holding Fitstix.  This walking series is so pleasant that I shared them everywhere LOL

Oh and I wanted to recommend a supplement store with free shipping on orders over $20 and reasonable prices plus a first time customer code PLC892.

If anyone would like to request an OOP workout uploaded to
send the request to me
(If I have the routine, I will try to share it)

My before dinner spark:

It worked great on my 370 PRO and using our den HD TV youtube app.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Great Stuff on

Again if you visit where I am Bouncin Barb.

You can check out my channel or use the search engine to find most of these videos.

This morning I did a few things already uploaded to by other residents as well as a couple I just embedded from Yin the Zone vimeo freebies which were also on her Facebook page and more Steve Cotter edited uploads.

First I did some of the Essexercise from which had a nice warm up but then had too much choreo for my preferences.  Then I visited the rest of Z 47 which is now one of my favorite Zumba classes online.  Great moves and MUsic on the bungee.  I really like the instructor Steve Boedt!

Next I did a few sparks:
Yin Standing Abs and Yin Freestyle Cardio
then some of Steve Cotter's stuff:
Steve Joint Mobility MU
Joint Mobility 2 MU
Steve Cotter Gigong MU

Finished with an initially unimpressive chair routine which came to life on the Hopper ball with my MUsic!
Chair Senior MU


Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Quick Update

Just got back from 2 nights in AC and have to say I am feeling  better than I have in years.  The ear buzzing didn't bother me at all in the casinos or in the room when sleeping.  Plus my legs and feet really felt good!  I am attributing it to being off statins, on CoQ10 and ALA plus eating a load of prime ribs, steak, salmon and veggies  :)

It is VERY upsetting to see that new guidelines are attempting to put twice as many people on statins in the US, including those with normal levels of cholesterol!  Just say *No*, especially if you are a woman.

I refuse to go back to daily brain fog, morning headaches, bouts of fatigue, and just feeling unhappy to make pharmaceutical companies richer.  Feeling clear-headed, energetic, more comfortable in my own skin,  and happy are priceless.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Prevention Dance and a Chair Routines

This mornings' routine was Dance Yourself Thin which had alot of moves which worked well on my 550 bungee and even while sitting on my Hopper ball.  It was like a dance and walk fusion which became a nice health bounce.  Its intensity is up to the user.

Though I used good MUsic, you can easily play your own and mute the routine which can be found on various video sites.

I finished with a nice chair routine but enjoyed it mostly because of my MUsic.
Here's the original

I strongly urge you to mute it and play your own MUsic LOL

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Walk It Off with George

Here are the embedded videos

GF Fatblasting by POMBarb

GF Champion by POMBarb


GF Walk and Box by POMBarb

GF Express by POMBarb


GF Box and Burn by POMBarb

GF Ab Walk by POMBarb


Keep MUving

This morning when I woke up, I had a terrible pain in my right heel.  Arnica gel made it immediately go away and it never came back.   Over the years, Arnica gel has kept me going with weird twinges and even after some real injuries.  When I was younger, these events would have side-lined me and the affected areas would spread to unaffected areas because of moving differently to protect the affected area, especially my lower back and neck.   Not moving doesn't just keep the injured area weak but weakens all areas.  Currently, most professionals know that movement increases range of motion, circulation and therefore healing.   Just like a grasshopper in a jar forgets how to hop, humans must Use it or Lose it.

This morning I did a few fun youtube routines then some of Debra Mazda's Let's Get Moving which I found rather boring, even on the bungee.  Finished with a great chair routine that was mostly upper body cardio but became total body cardio bouncing on the hopper ball with alittle tweaking.

Like most of my other routines, it is much better with pumping MUsic :)
The side to sides while holding Fitstix enabled me to give the sides of the hopper ball a slight pound.  The opening and closing of the legs became jumping jacks.

here's some of the youtube vids I liked

OK now Get MUving!!
and Keep MUving

Friday, November 7, 2014

Just Jhoom!

I just have too many workouts and not enough time to visit them all while constantly creating new video files.  Yesterday I think I found a routine I totally skipped by accident:
Just Jhoom!

There is no record of me trying it on my blog.
I am missing my workout log for that time period.
The routine seemed completely unfamiliar to me when I did it this morning.
Yet I took the time to not only break down the chapters but to burn a second dvdr so it played on our PS2 which I had been using for awhile when wanting to bounce in our living room.
(The original dvd was from the UK so had a different region code.)
No notes were made on its envelop housing the dvdrs though I did make comments about other routines on the same burn and nothing seemed familiar when I did it.

All I can surmise is that it may have been during my obsession with music being added to jessicasmithtv downloads, sharing on youtube over one thousand video uploads before they deleted my account and/or around the time I had difficulty with my right knee which was aggravated farther with an accident missing a step going downstairs.  Or it could have been while moving everything in the basement for either a plumbing repair or the installation of our heating furnace.

Anywho, I finally tried the whole routine this morning mostly on the 550 and really liked it!!  Then I did some Kareenu (Zumba) while sitting on the ball.

Here's a nice flash mob vid with some Just Jhoom! moves

also a playlist of some music

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Great Day!

It may be cloudy outside but another great night's sleep and waking up with no pain have made it a great day.  I do not know why I slept so well the past two nights but hope these restorative nights continue indefinitely.  I now take  half capsule of RALA after breakfast and a 100mg gel cap of CoQ10 after lunch and stay energized all day.  Before bed, I just take Magnesium and sometimes VitD if the day was cloudy.

This morning I did another edited Shaun McGeahy Mind Fitness routine on the bungee and ball then some Zumba found on Well Video (Z 47).

Statins and Thyroid Cancer

I have a multi-cystic nodular goiter (cysts in and around the thyroid making it seem larger).  Of course, my doctor pretty much ignored this condition even though my previous doctor detected it and sent me to an endocrinologist.  I had Ultrasounds and an aspiration biopsy which was benign.  My thyroid hormones were ok and the endocrinologist didn't think any action was needed except to keep an eye on those levels.

I have been reminding my doctor to check my thyroid at my annuals and he would say it is *OK*.  It was hard enough to drag some of the other lab test numbers from him so I never asked for the specific values.  Now I read this:

This is the final line of the abstract:


We concluded that statin use was associated with thyroid cancer in female patients

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Saturated Fat Myths

This is a must read.
So many people are avoiding saturated fat
I really believe this old school thinking along with the myth of lowering cholesterol with statins are responsible for the rise in Diabetes, especially in women.

This morning I did a bunch of edited sparks and loved them all:
2 Firm Express bonuses
2 chair routines (on the ball)
Mind Fitness Walk

All were short and sweet and fun!

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

RALA Dosage

I probably shouldn't have bought the most potent ALA.
Yesterday most of the day, my heartrate was much faster than usual which is probably a side effect of the RALA so this morning after breakfast, I cut the capsule in half and will see the effect the lower dosage may have.  My heartrate all morning was perfect: resting (comparable to an fit heart of an athlete), healthbouncing,  after coffee, working out, and recovery.  My heartrate was nicely aerobic throughout the bouncing on the bungee and stability ball.   Recovery was instant.
The tingling in my feet is hardly noticeable and the sensations in my calves and knees are gone.  Buzzing is at a very acceptable level which I can live with and more importantly, sleep with.  No bouts of brain fog, fatigue or dizzness.  No generalized aches like I used to have.

This morning I did my edited version of Arnita Champion's Cardio routine.  No special moves but the MUsic kept me moving for the full 30 minutes.  Finished with some of my edited version of Paul Katami's Band Camp.

ETA: the experiment worked!  RALA half dosage or 50 mg did not make my heartrate race all day like yesterday.

Monday, November 3, 2014


I haven't a clue why but last night the foot and ab muscular spasms returned.  It may have been dehydration because I forgot to have water with dinner and it seemed to improve after I drank some. Thankfully, I slept well and woke up fine but would have slept even longer if Daylight Savings hadn't brought the sun up so early.
One odd thing I noted, I had to dig through piles of water bottle packs to find the opened one of the kind I liked (husband or son piled a bunch of unopened water packs on top of it).   I was lifting those heavy packs like they were filled with cotten.  My son just stood there with his eyes wide open watching me with awe. LOL

This mornings' workout was great, starting with my edited version of the new HIITs routine on jessicasmithtv followed by my edited Denise Austin BodyBlitz.  BodyBlitz had everything from bungee and ball easy to tweak moves and kettlebell inspired moves which worked well with a purple Zumba stick.  I had to take a few breaks after some anaerobic spikes and sweated like crazy.

I looked back at some November 2013 blog posts and am so happy not to be plagued by Plantar Fasciitis as I was back then.  Cannot believe my 550 is a year old!  Hopefully, a year from now I will look back at November 2014 and see that all side effects of Lipitor are gone.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Kept MUving

I kept MUving this morning in spite of trying a disappointing new workout routine Zula Fitness volume 1 by Zula Hawaii.  Now and then there would be a move I liked but those few moves were done just once and not repeated.  Many times the beat of the music didn't match the beat of the moves. Terrible cuing, camera angles, and bland music.  It may be fun for teens to try but not recommended by me for most vidiots.
I also did some of Paul Katami's Band Camp which I had edited since I already started using a band in the Zula Hawaii routine.

My feet tingling and ear buzzing seem less intense.  Energy level has been great. I may have dropped a few pounds this week as well.  Still have aches which seem to get better the more I move.

ETA: I just did a great spark!
half of John Abdo's Fatblaster Walk with its audio replaced.
The moves work well standing, sitting, or bouncing on a bungee or ball.

Really kept me MUving some more :)

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Sparks and Ballet Sport

This morning I visited a few more sparks on the bungee and ball:
Keaira's Dance which I mentioned 10/28
(really like the moves but the same combo is repeated a few times)

Tifany Rothe's new towel routines with MUsic I added but need to re-edit because one was way too repetitive in its side to side moves

but I did like the second one alot

Also my version of a Deep Work Master Class which is no longer playing on youtube for me
so here's a sample:

Last but not least, I started revisiting a Ballet Sport series which may be out of print now.
Really enjoyed part1 of the Morning 8's.


I took my first RALA pill yesterday just before lunch when I started to feel dizzy and was immediately energized and feeling like a super-woman.  The bout of dizziness I was starting got nipped in the bud. Calmed down a bit after lunch and a brisk walk but continued to feel quite well the rest of the day.  Took awhile to fall asleep but woke up with my feet tingling less!  OK so now the old aches and pains are felt more because my feet are less numb LOL
Ears are still buzzing but a bit quieter.

This is what I had ordered because it was the most reasonable price I could find for the more potent and stabilized Alpha Lipoic Acid.:
Na-RALA Lipoic Acid
(ETA: this was too potent and drove my heartrate too high all day so am cutting the capsule in half)

I wanted the more potent ALA because of the foot tingling and ear buzzing but will only be taking one a day because it is so potent.  I may order the less potent and cheaper ALA for maintenance.  Besides the more potent RALA helping my nervous system to heal, I am hoping the less potent ALA will continue to help my metabolism.  One of the many reasons I had stopped Lipitor was the threat of diabetes since my blood sugar was alittle high at least once (doctor did not share lab tests results with me unless I directly asked for a value) and triglycerides were higher than I liked (also had to ask for those results directly each time).   I may have had some insulin resistance thanks to menopause and statins because I found losing weight a ridiculous challenge and had the neuropathy in my feet and legs.  Instead of *treating* my cholesterol levels, the doctor should have been treating a possible pre-diabetic condition.  So after some research and realizing that saturated fats were not the enemy and that refined carbs may have been the culprit, I switched to limiting refined carbs.  Maybe the neuropathy wouldn't have developed if I had eaten more beef!

This is how conversations over the years went with my doctor who was also taking a statin himself:

Me: My knees have been hurting and feeling stiff
Doc: are they swollen?
Me: no
(Doc: no response)

Me: I have been feeling very hypoglycemic before lunch
Doc: No way do you have hypoglycemia, just eat something

Me: I have alot of aches and pains and muscle spasms in my feet and legs. Can I be tested for Vitamin D?
Doc: OK (but he forgot to test me so tested me next time after I had a full dose of sun the day before because I had removed myself from Lipitor and the VitD was just below normal after sitting out in the sun for quite awhile the day before)

Me: I am having terrible bouts of dizziness
Doc: so am I

Me: the hypoglycemic like fatigue has gotten better since I started CoQ10
Doc: it is a placebo effect

Me: my feet have been tingling and feeling numb
Doc: it is not the Lipitor

Not once did he bother to address my complaints or treat any.
Oh and when I mentioned how our son did so much better on his last blood tests without Statins which our doctor tried to start with son for years, he shrugged.

Anywho at least the UK doctors are starting to rebel a bit

From the anti-statin websites I visit, I have found the Brits are waking up well before the Yanks on this matter.  Hopefully more doctors will listen to their patients.

Sadly this experience has made me lose all faith in doctors and the medical profession.  I worked with doctors in a hospital doing statistics for a NICU and would have become a doctor, myself, if I had the stomach for it.  I saw an attempted cure for a close friend's lymphoma take her life instead of the disease.  Almost every woman I worked with died from breast cancer.  I saw lots of cancer victims die in spite of taking toxic cures, including my dad at 80.  How I wish I did not make my dad go through bypass surgery in his 70's so he could have possible died from a heart attack instead.  Maybe statins attributed to his death as well.  He had something affecting his legs so was walking less before his lung cancer was diagnosed and I know he was on a statin.
My mil died in her late 70's from Congestive Heart Failure after developing hypertension, diabetes and cancer. Maybe statins attributed to her death as well.
My fil at 65 and my mom at 84 both died instantly from possible strokes (no autopsies).  Fil was on meds but not sure which except those for hypertension,  My mom resisted most medical interventions so was not on a statin.  From all of those deaths, I would choose my mom's.
At least she was walking and independent till her last day.