Thursday, November 13, 2014

Great Stuff on

Again if you visit where I am Bouncin Barb.

You can check out my channel or use the search engine to find most of these videos.

This morning I did a few things already uploaded to by other residents as well as a couple I just embedded from Yin the Zone vimeo freebies which were also on her Facebook page and more Steve Cotter edited uploads.

First I did some of the Essexercise from which had a nice warm up but then had too much choreo for my preferences.  Then I visited the rest of Z 47 which is now one of my favorite Zumba classes online.  Great moves and MUsic on the bungee.  I really like the instructor Steve Boedt!

Next I did a few sparks:
Yin Standing Abs and Yin Freestyle Cardio
then some of Steve Cotter's stuff:
Steve Joint Mobility MU
Joint Mobility 2 MU
Steve Cotter Gigong MU

Finished with an initially unimpressive chair routine which came to life on the Hopper ball with my MUsic!
Chair Senior MU


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