Friday, November 21, 2014

This and That

So it has been a rather stressful week and this morning my peripheral neuropathy was in overdrive.  Luckily, the vitamin B12 pills have arrived so will give them a try.  Also am trying  the less (?) potent Alpha Lipoic Acid (R & S combined) which right now feels stronger than half of the more potent RALA??  My heartrate is faster but not as fast as on the full RALA capsule.  I intend to continue ALA after breakfast and CoQ10 after lunch daily indefinitely and just try the B12 after breakfast till the bottle is empty since I am eating more meat again and off statins.  Otherwise just Magnesium at night, occasionally with Vitamin D if I don't get out in the sun or drink much milk that day.  The ALA kept my blood sugar and energy more level throughout the day and contributed to my recent weight loss of about one pound a week.  Our bodies make less ALA and CoQ10 as we age.

This morning I did a bunch of routines on the bungee and Hopper ball and my favorites as usual were those with replaced audio but probably will not share most if any of them because I prefer to upload routines I can do in my bedroom while streaming and my favorites this morning needed a bungee.  Mostly it was the MUsic that made me move and when I didn't care for the moves in the routines, I tweaked or free-styled alot.

ETA: I believe I was on my way to developing Diabetes because of Lipitor and avoiding saturated fats.  The peripheral neuropathy in my lower body is similar to that of diabetics and I obviously was becoming more and more insulin resistant.  My Triglycerides were higher than what I would have preferred and even my fasting blood sugar was occasionally too high.  My midsection kept growing in spite of not over-eating and having regular exercise.   After just a few weeks of stopping statins, changing my food choices and adding RALA, I am starting to lose weight and seeing my waist measurement go downwards instead of upwards.
Since I no longer have hot flashes after drinking wine, I am starting to have a glass of wine a day too.

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