Tuesday, November 4, 2014

RALA Dosage

I probably shouldn't have bought the most potent ALA.
Yesterday most of the day, my heartrate was much faster than usual which is probably a side effect of the RALA so this morning after breakfast, I cut the capsule in half and will see the effect the lower dosage may have.  My heartrate all morning was perfect: resting (comparable to an fit heart of an athlete), healthbouncing,  after coffee, working out, and recovery.  My heartrate was nicely aerobic throughout the bouncing on the bungee and stability ball.   Recovery was instant.
The tingling in my feet is hardly noticeable and the sensations in my calves and knees are gone.  Buzzing is at a very acceptable level which I can live with and more importantly, sleep with.  No bouts of brain fog, fatigue or dizzness.  No generalized aches like I used to have.

This morning I did my edited version of Arnita Champion's Cardio routine.  No special moves but the MUsic kept me moving for the full 30 minutes.  Finished with some of my edited version of Paul Katami's Band Camp.

ETA: the experiment worked!  RALA half dosage or 50 mg did not make my heartrate race all day like yesterday.

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