Saturday, November 22, 2014

30 minutes of Bliss

I just enjoyed about 30 minutes of shear Bliss because I actually had no ear buzz for the last 30 minutes.

This morning I got hit with the ear buzz and vertigo even before my workout and think it got triggered by having too much coffee.  I had been avoiding hard bouncing and higher intensity in an effort to prevent the buzz and vertigo so I figured since they were already there to throw caution to the wind.  I did an edited version of *Dance It Off & Firm It Up*.  I was doing some of the repetitive moves, tweaking, and even freestyling to the MUsic till its last 15 minutes when suddenly the MUsic I added started clicking as well as the moves.   Then I realized after the workout, no ear buzzing and no vertigo!  Unfortunately the ear buzzing returned about 15 minutes later but I have hope that hard rebounding is more of a help than a harm.

I will be sharing the shortened edited routine with Residents.
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