Saturday, November 22, 2014

Statins are the Enemy, not Cholesterol!

They want to put just about everyone on a lifetime drug which really hasn't been tested for long term use.  Heck the doctor tried to put our 26 year old son on a statin too when his cholesterol numbers weren't really bad and since are quite good after changing his eating habits.

Having too much faith in the medical community, I was on 20mg of Lipitor for over 15 years for almost as long as Lipitor has been available with no other risk factor except high cholesterol and it wasn't even that high before starting Lipitor!. The deficiencies causing side effects crept up on me so I wasn't even aware of the symptoms as being statin side effects.  As we age, our bodies naturally make less essential substances.  Add to that the many artificial deficiencies that statins create, especially CoQ10 and Vit D.  Even cholesterol is an essential substance!  The focus on a low fat diet and avoiding saturated fats can cause a Vit B12 deficiency and so on.   (margarine may be the worse artificial nutrient man has ever made)

Exercise is critical yet statins causing a CoQ10 deficiency create a body resistant to exercise because of muscle aches and fatigue.  All of this lifetime of increasing deficiencies and statins really do not substantially reduce the risk of initial heart events or deaths from a heart event.  Besides ruining the daily quality of life by interfering with our natural processes, a statin can cause crippling muscle diseases, including heart failure and/or diabetes. STOP the insanity!!!!

Just say *No*
Eat balanced and move more.
Get out into the sun whenever possible.

ETA: just do your own research and Google for women and statins
 a few suggested articles:
last but not least. the man who may save many lives

I just wanted to add that most side effects go unreported.  My own doctor ignored my symptoms for years and never bothered to take any of my complaints seriously including light-headed fatigue which felt like hypoglycemia, brain fog, morning headache, vertigo, increased tingling in my lower limbs starting with my toes, hot flashes while postmenopausal for 2 decades, muscle spasms and joint pain,  Instead of healing or improving my daily quality of life, my doctor was solely focusing on my Cholesterol levels. Most of the medical profession share the same attitude so I had to try to heal myself.  Most of my symptoms have been resolved except for the buzzing in my ears 24/7 with an occasional bout of vertigo and lower limb tingling,  Oh yeah, I now have cataracts too :(

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