Friday, November 7, 2014

Just Jhoom!

I just have too many workouts and not enough time to visit them all while constantly creating new video files.  Yesterday I think I found a routine I totally skipped by accident:
Just Jhoom!

There is no record of me trying it on my blog.
I am missing my workout log for that time period.
The routine seemed completely unfamiliar to me when I did it this morning.
Yet I took the time to not only break down the chapters but to burn a second dvdr so it played on our PS2 which I had been using for awhile when wanting to bounce in our living room.
(The original dvd was from the UK so had a different region code.)
No notes were made on its envelop housing the dvdrs though I did make comments about other routines on the same burn and nothing seemed familiar when I did it.

All I can surmise is that it may have been during my obsession with music being added to jessicasmithtv downloads, sharing on youtube over one thousand video uploads before they deleted my account and/or around the time I had difficulty with my right knee which was aggravated farther with an accident missing a step going downstairs.  Or it could have been while moving everything in the basement for either a plumbing repair or the installation of our heating furnace.

Anywho, I finally tried the whole routine this morning mostly on the 550 and really liked it!!  Then I did some Kareenu (Zumba) while sitting on the ball.

Here's a nice flash mob vid with some Just Jhoom! moves

also a playlist of some music

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