Friday, February 21, 2014

OK BAK to Blogging

This morning I released alot of pent up stress, both by ranting then by doing some UFC Fit edited files.  I really love some of the unique moves in UFC Fit routines.  Actually did the roll ups by standing in front of the bungee and falling down into it.  Love all of the MUsic I added as well.
Workingout does not get any better than this for me. :)

Looks like Maggie decided to share more of her videos again on :)
Here's one of my favorites

Also I just did a nice spark.
I added MUsic to this standing abs routine by dakidissa:

here's alittle sample of the results (I have uploaded the whole routine privately to DailyMotion so I could access it with my laptop for a bedroom spark)

It is amazing how different a routine can feel with MUsic, especially when I do not understand what the instructor is saying!

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