Sunday, February 16, 2014

Hate this Winter Weather

Well my workout this morning should have been walking in AC but Mother Nature had a whole different plan.  Not only were the roads compromised but our den windows started linking again even after having the roof redone with an ice damn and a new gutter.  So I canceled our hotel reservation and just to prove it was probably the right decision, another window started leaking!

So I figured I may as well try to work off the stress.  I started with a dancewithshelly routine but the music didn't click for me and my usually better knee and foot started twinging.  I applied Arnica gel and shoes and continued to do it, figuring it was just my mood because of the windows, canceling AC, and new twinges.  Wanting to put in my minimum of 40 minutes, I then tried another dancewithshelly:

What a difference great songs make!  The routine started with Brave then went to the Lion Sleeps Tonight and ended with Roar and soundtracks cannot get any better than that.  The moves are very simple and work on the bungee and ball.

What's really ironic is that the windows stopped leaking during the workout. Before the new roof and gutter, the leak lasted for days. Plus the sun is out.  I feel so good with my endorphin high, I just do not give a damn LOL
(Probably will care when cabin fever again sets in later today)

ETA: Oops, spoke too soon because the windows are again leaking since the sun came out.

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