Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Downloading from Youtube

Just recently, most of my download techniques stopped working for some youtube videos.
The only way I can download these stubborn files has been with Realplayer using the Firefox browser because the Realplayer downloader stopped working with my Chrome browser awhile ago.
However, I have to download in three stages.  First I click to download the video with Realplayer after any ads play then have to refresh the video (Realplayer gives a message that the download is incomplete) and click to download with Realplayer again then wait for Realplayer to combine the downloads (dash files).

Hopefully, Firefox Download Helper and Freemake products will fix the glitches soon as they have in the past after Youtube changed its coding process.

I downloaded newer versions of both Freemake Video Downloader and Freemake Video Converter.  Both had the same offers so I kept choosing *custom* and unchecking the boxes for extra software (toolbar, search, and another program).  From the last set of choices, I did accept the desktop icon.
A quick scan with Malwarebytes found nothing *extra* had been added.

Both work well.  In fact I burned a dvdr with the new Freemake Video Converter because the previous version was no longer compatible with Windows7 when trying to burn a dvdr.  Unfortunately, Freemake Video Downloader still did not download some youtube videos.  Will try with Converter but doubt it has been updated for the new youtube codes either.
Good news! I believe an Adobe Flash Update fixed the download problem for both Freemake products.
An added bonus is the newer version of Freemake Video Converter works with DailyMotion now :)

However, the Firefox Download Helper still needs some sort of update for those youtube downloads.
(I doubt Google will help Firefox since Google owns Chrome)

If you want to install Freemake products while offline:

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