Friday, February 21, 2014

The Homophobic Agenda

(I just need to rant a bit before I explode)

I keep hearing about a *Gay Agenda* but never really hear about the much more obvious *Homophobic Agenda*.    Civil Rights for Gays is not a Gay Agenda.   However, denying these rights is a *Homophobic Agenda*.    Newsflash for ardent Homophobes:
Gay marriage will not affect Your life or Your life style.
Nobody will be taking anything away from you.
Our judicial system is ensuring your own rights when giving those same rights to all people so stop wasting your tax dollars and donations to restrict the rights of other taxpayers.

Some of the catch phrases of the Homophobic Agenda:
*I do not approve of the gay life style*
*Being Gay is a choice*
*Living the Gay Life Style is a Choice*

I do not approve of any life style different than my own or else I would be practicing that life style.  Does that mean everyone has to have the same life style as mine???

Do you seriously choose to be Heterosexual???
The only one who can call being Gay a choice is someone who is not Gay (or is Gay and in denial).

Following religious beliefs is a life style.
People choose which religious beliefs to follow.
If you want the Choice to live your chosen Life Style then you have to allow others the same rights.

What is happening in some forward moving US states is wonderful.  What is happening in some other US states and countries is reprehensible.

I was horrified when our NJ governor vetoed Gay Marriage because of his religion and/or political party.  He is an elected representative in a Democracy where the rights of minorities should be protected.  I was horrified when an Afro-American teacher in our town's public high school was exposed on FaceBook as a practicing Homophobe.  As a woman who is Afro-American and working in a public school system, she was a disgrace.

When I first came online, our older son had just come out.  I felt very alone and found parents with a similar scenario online.  My religious beliefs had no problem with homosexuality but as a heterosexual, I just could not identify with homosexuality so it made me uncomfortable.
It is now 17 years later and I have lost the patience to help those parents new to these issues, especially when they embrace the catch phrases of the Homophobic agenda.   It is this Homophobic agenda that is creating most of the stress these parents and their kids are facing.  A heterosexual parent of a child identifying as gay does not have to accept homosexuality but that parent will have to accept the reality that a child is Gay.  All children have the right to having the love and support of their parents.  All you can do is love them for who and what they are and treat them as you would any other human being.  Otherwise, you are choosing to be more comfortable instead of comforting your child.

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