Saturday, October 30, 2010

Thurs to Friday and Saturday

While walking in AC Thursday, my mat replacement had arrived but I was pooped on Friday and planned to replace the mat next week, figuring the sooner I replaced it, the sooner I would know whether the new mat was also defective.

This morning I did some of Bob Harper's new cardio workout which was more of a kettlebell inspired functional strength workout, using mostly my homemade XCO trainers and doing the jumping parts on the Fitness Trampoline. I quickly realized I wasn't going to be doing all of his squats and swings and found the chaptering very good cuz was able to skip easily to the next move when I had enough of the previous one I also did alittle of the butt&balance workout on the same dvd and liked it though nothing really unique about it. Finished with a Classical Stretch that worked the upper body with isometrics alittle differently than Miranda's usual routine.

While using the Fitness Trampoline I noticed a second tear had started on the opposite side of the mat from the larger tear.   I resisted the temptation to stop workingout and replace the mat immediately but got right down to business replacing the mat as soon as my 90 minutes were over.  It was a tedious process but not as bad as I expected and I am pretty sure the mat is from a different batch because it is lying flatter and even seems larger. The paint was flaking off too which didn't happened with the original mat.  I purposely pounded into the weakest areas of the mat and it is holding but of course, I will be watching carefully.
My bare feet likes the new mat more because the area between the mat and petals seems flatter making it seem like the mat is truly extended.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Sunday through Tuesday and Weds

I did plenty of walking with agreeable weather Sunday through Tuesday.

This morning I did most of UR's Box&Bounce with Fitstix on the Fitness Trampoline.  Now when I try to get on my other rebounders, I just cannot tolerate their stiff bounce.  The difference of a bungee bounce to a spring bounce is truly amazing.  Then I did an old but fantastic vhs Jazzercise Body Sculpting.  It started with a nice aerobic warmup good with Fitstix on the bungee then had some unique band resistance and routine dumb bell moves which I gave a tweaking to by using my homemade XCO trainers.  Really felt the unique band abs!

Saturday, October 23, 2010


This morning I did the first 15 minutes of Ultimate Cardiolates, using Fitstix in place of light weights on the bungee. Then I donned my bands that came with the Richard Simmons set and did some moves from
a workout I think I just have to eventually get, including its cool band.
then did Richard's Tonin to the Oldies with the bands from the set
then alittle Zodiac workout on the bungee
and finished with Classical Stretch.

Friday, October 22, 2010


This morning I did Jillian's Burn Fat Boost Metabolism, most of the cardio on the Fitness Trampoline and some core stuff standing on the floor with Fitstix.  Actually did squat thrusts and mountain climbers with my hands on the rebounders mat.  Also did floor abs on the mat.
Finished with a Classical Stretch.

Have to say the cardio worked beautifully on the rebounder.
I find I can work out at much higher intensity without aggravating my joints so am really happy with the purchase of the bungee Fitness Trampoline.  This morning I tried to healthbounce on the UR but it felt like concrete!

Thursday, October 21, 2010


I continued revisiting Karen Voight with parts of Strong and Streamline.  When she used dumb bells, I used my homemade XCO trainers (Pringles cans filled with rocksalt for a sliding filler weighing about 2 lbs).  I didn't do even half her reps fearing crippling DOMS tomorrow.  Also used the Fitness Trampoline for some of the warmups and cardio.  Finished with alittle Classical Stretch.

Am expecting my new petal mat next Weds and meanwhile, the tear isn't spreading with use so just that part of the mat had a stitching defect.

ETA: just did a very enjoyable spark on the Fitness Trampoline using Exercise TV's Crunch Global Groove and Lyrical Hip Hop.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Sunday to Tues and Weds

Did more walking on Sunday and Monday than I have been because the weather was perfect. Tuesday before dinner, I did a spark using the first few chapters of Karen Voight's Sleek Essentials Sweat Effect on the Fitness Trampoline with Fitstix.

This morning, I did the rest of Sweat Effect, some Strength Effect and some Sleek Effect.  Most of the cardio on the Fitness Tramp with Fitstix and most of the Strength with Fitstix too.

The company has mailed out a new petal mat for the rebounder.  Guess I will have to replace the torn one almost immediately just to make sure the replacement mat isn't defective.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Saturday Bad news

Haven't worked out yet but wanted to post about finding a tear in the webbing attaching the petals to the mat on my new Fitness trampoline.   Looks like it started because of a stitching defect.  Sadly somebody else found several stitching defects in her mat.  The company is sending me a new mat next week and if that one is defective, I will ask for a skirt mat replacement instead of a petal mat because the whole batch of petal mats may be defective.

Will add my workout checkin later after completion.

ETA: This morning I did some of Smart Bounce I had recorded off of you tube and really liked it! Then I did some Cynthia Kereluk cardio I had recorded off of you tube while holding Fitstix on the new rebounder. The only move I seem to have trouble executing on the new rebounder are side leg swings cuz I have to bend my knee to avoid the popping up petal when the leg is straight. I did alittle Classical Stretch but still have major lower body DOMS from Ellen on Thursday so did some of Rockin Body Rock It Out with Fitstix for more upper body and core. Of course, in the middle of my workout session I got distracted looking for some workouts I wanted to line up for the new rebounder after enjoying Smart Bounce and CK LOL
Most are workouts that I had to modify alot to do without joint discomfort. Some like TaeBo had moves that feel much better on the new rebounder too.  I also want to try all of the airclimber and lateral thigh trainer videos I have on the rebounder though I may still do some on the airclimber for crosstraining
Funny how my feet felt fine till I started doing Classical Stretch off the rebounder and then the top of my left foot got a new twinge. Hit it with Arnica gel and hopped back onto the rebounder for Rock It Out and the foot is now fine.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Friday (Fitness Trampoline Reviews)

This morning, I did some of the dvd that came with the bungee Fitness Trampoline (Jumpsport 370).   Music was decent but not loud enough for me. The instructor was very good! Various levels of intensity and positioning options are given throughout.  Chaptering was excellent. 

The Basic workout had a nice cardio warmup but the following stretch was very long and not done during the time I like to stretch at the end of a workout but luckily the dvd is nicely chaptered.  So I skipped to the Cardio which was nice but too short.  Core mat and Strength tabletop were short (and sweet) and very comfortable on the petals.

The Cardio of the second workout was intense and much longer.  The instructor likes syncopation so each move is done in a variety of rhythms.  The Core was very tough and most moves felt more effective done on the rebounder mat rather than the floor.  Pooped before the Strength but saw a few moves I really liked.  I did hold my Fitstix for some of the cardio  :)

Also did the first African routine from Exercise TV's Crunch Global Rhythms which had some good moves on the rebounder.

Now more about the rebounder, itself:  The mat is only 25 inches in diameter but considering that the feet can overlap onto the petals (or skirt) much more safely than onto springs, it feels roomier than my 27 inch mat spring models.  I had removed the springs cover from all of my previous rebounders because I felt like my foot could get caught underneath it.  The rebounder easily stands on its side for a barre and doesn't budge or tilt when flat, even with all of your weight on or near the frame.   Also the shape of the legs accommodates a resistance band or cord better than the straight legs of other rebounders.  The petals definitely make mat and tabletop moves more comfortable for me plus more effective adding in an extra balancing challenge.  

It is a bit noisier than expected because of the petals which pop up when I go down into the center of the mat!  The petals do feel odd on my barefeet and pop up enough to make contact with my bare ankles so if I wanted to use the edges more, would probably wear shoes and socks so less aware of these sensations.  
I did try the next tension level to see if the petals would move less but switched right back to the softest level and will get used to the petals cuz really prefer the softest bounce.  I believe bouncing barefooted on the UR initiated my feet problems and I never could bounce into the mat without my hips complaining.  My hips didn't get at all aggravated with all of the bouncing last night and this morning. Neither did my bare feet so am very happy with the purchase.  Yes, I will miss the extra space of my YogFlex but the cushioned bounce is worth the sacrifice and I can always don shoes and socks to use the whole circumference (37 inches) more comfortably.  

I would suggest if someone wants less noise, to get the cheaper model with the skirt, assuming the skirt is quieter than the shifting petals and give up the extra lifetime of the cords and extra tension settings which probably aren't necessary.  The cords would then have the same lifetime as the Bellicon's anyway.  Overall, if paying full price, I would have been quite content with the skirt model.

Remember too, once the legs are on, they stay on and if you do not have a place to keep the rebounder without folding or easily twisting off the legs,  you may have to go the Bellicon route for a bungee rebounder.
So if you want more room for barefooted bouncing,  less noise and easily removable legs, the Bellicon is the way to go if you can afford it.  However, the Bellicon is more designed for a mind-body kind of experience and may not adapt as well to UR or more athletic type workouts if that is your preference.  Then the Fitness Trampoline and its adjustable tension may have an advantage.

For me, it was all about getting a bungee bounce because my feet and hips were not enjoying active bouncing.  Previously, I did more of a healthbounce pulsing style. Now I can really bounce into the mat and do the bouncier moves with no jolts to the joints.   The bouncier moves are more fun, produce more sweat, and use muscles differently for crosstraining. 

ETA: I just did a spark using the Basic warm up cardio, Basic cardio and the second set from Crunch Global Rhythms while wearing shoes and socks on the Fitness Trampoline and felt oblivious to the petals :)  Felt very secure throughout it, well balanced and comfortable but sweated like crazy!

Thursday, October 14, 2010


Did not want to skip another morning workout while waiting for the rebounder delivery so finally revisited Ellen Barrett's Fatburning Fusion and thoroughly enjoyed it :)  Even added in holding the Fitstix for some extra whole body using the upper body and core more.  When I first did this workout, it felt mostly like a lower body workout.  

ETA: It may have arrived a day late but I am overly pleased.
It is like bouncing into a cloud. My barefeet love it and my joints feel no jolting. I can even do moves on it that just never felt right on any of my other rebounders like ski run/shuffles. Will be trying the dvd workouts that came with it starting tomorrow. I did peek and liked what I saw of them. Will be leaving it on its softest setting which is the way it arrived cuz have plenty of other rebounders if I want a firmer surface ..... but doubt I will LOL

The only iffy thing is the petal skirt which cushions the outer bands but feels alittle weird to my barefeet.

I would never have believed the difference if I hadn't felt it myself

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


No real workout today yet cuz patiently waiting for the delivery of my new rebounder (the 370 model)

ETA: It never came :(   I would have picked it up at the UPS shipping center 30 minutes away if given the option.  Anywho, it was shipped to another UPS facility last night alitte farther away and is finally on a truck for delivery.  Ridiculous that it is taking over 48 hours to travel less than 3 hours!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Yippeee  after several months of slowly creeping upwards from my plateau low, I am almost back down to it since avoiding higher intensity :)  The only time I ever broke through that bottom limit was with low intensity and looks like I have a shot at it again if I continue.  Basically, I avoid getting breathless during cardio and do isometrics instead of any weights, except Fitstix :)  May use an occasional band for resistance.  My other focus is to avoid excessive hunger and the not so good things to grab and eat if excessively hungry.  Lower intensity helps me avoid that rut.

This morning I did the rest of Rockin Abs Hip Hop with Fitstix mostly on the YF then some of Tomei's Curves' first workout (Redefining) then some Classical Stress.  I like some of the sneaky seemingly easy but tougher than it looks moves in Tomei's workout.

Monday, October 11, 2010


Pretty much  the same routine but did half of Rockin Body Hip Hop with Fitstix on the YF instead of Richard.

Sunday, October 10, 2010


Pretty much the same routine as yesterday except doing the second half of Sweatin to the Oldies 4.  Here is a nice sitting routine you can do on a plane or while watching TV or taking a break from work or the puter

Saturday, October 9, 2010

AI Audition clip Not The Looks

Our son had a third clip shown on AI Rewind but I didn't record it, not expecting to see one I missed.
None of the clips showed him singing, so we assume he wasn't bad enough LOL
He wore a ridiculous outfit, hoping it would get him through the door to the next level before the real judges and it did!!!

AI Audition clip Fashion Disaster


This morning I did the first half of Sweatin to the Oldies 4 with Fitstix and some YF then some really old old Body Electric with standing isometrics and some Classical Stretch from a season I never saw before. Was a great combination.

I am so happy with my current workouts, new rebounder on its way and new windows that having our son leave permanently for London tomorrow isn't nearly as sad for me as it would have been.

Will attempt to get a couple of short videos when son was auditioning for AI on here since I succeeded with the photo LOL

Friday, October 8, 2010


Top Photo: Son Greg (Left) and my favorite SYTYCD star Mark
Bottom Photo: Son Greg (center) with Robert (Left) and Kent (Right) backstage after the *So You Think You Can Dance* Tour.


This morning I did the rest of Sweatin to the Oldies 3, some of level 2 from Jillian's kettlebell workout, some of Project You's Fatburning Foundation and Classical Stretch. Used Fitstix with Richard and Kathy.

Thursday, October 7, 2010


Ooops, I forgot to checkin with all of the repair disarray going on cuz we are in the middle of some home improvements.

I did some more of Sweatin to the Oldies 3 with Fitstix, the upper body from Jackie Warner's Power Circuit but substituted bands for dumb bells and some Classical Stretch.

BUT before that I washed and rehung my kitchen curtains over my new kitchen windows.  New den triple window is being installed tomorrow.

ETA: My new rebounder has been shipped and will be delivered Wednesday!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


This morning I started with workout 3 from Tribal Energy Cardio which were the routines from wo1 and 2 without the TIFTTing. It was ok but rather do each move several times then never again LOL

Then I did the level one of Jillian's kettlebell workout, skipping Turkish get-ups.
Didn't mind doing the workout.

Then I did the first few songs from Sweatin to the Oldies 3 with the Fitstix and finally found my workout groove again right from the first few bars of music (Gimme Some Lovin). Yup what was missing for me was really good music. I did use my Yogflex barefooted but the straps truly look ready to give way very soon so probably will just junk it
Finished with some very old Classical Stretch which was surprisingly as good as her newer stuff IMHO

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Sunday through Tuesday

A few minutes after I got home today, I ordered a new rebounder LOL

It's a 370 Jumpsport Fitness Trampoline that is supposed to have a larger jumping area than most rebounders, bungee cords for a more gentle and quieter bounce and supposedly has 7 different settings for firmness.  The cords last 3 times longer than the Bellicon which is twice the price, actually 4 times the price cuz I got 50% off plus free shipping.

Saturday, October 2, 2010


This morning I did most of *This is TaeBo* with Fitstix and alittle UR here and there then a Classical Stretch. *This is TaeBo* is more structured than most of Billy's stuff so therefore, less spontaneous and not as much fun for me.
Plus the counting totally drowns out the music.

I will be walking the next few days and did a spark yesterday before dinner (wow 3 days in a row!).

Sadly, I really didn't get excited about any workouts done the past few days.  Even Shaun T didn't get my motor going. Maybe it was the high humidity or whatever.  Sure hope I find motivation to keep moving when I return home.

Friday, October 1, 2010


I did a Rockin Body but couldn't really get into it and mostly did my own thing with Fitstix and alittle UR then did alittle of Core Bound avoiding straight arm planks whenever I could cuz they aggravate my elbows then finished with Classical Stretch. I did like the lower body stuff on Core Bound using the UR like a step/fanny lifter.
I did a couple of sparks yesterday and hope to continue that extra movement today.