Friday, November 1, 2013

Found my King of Rebounders

I have enjoyed bouncing on a mini trampoline or rebounder since my very first Walmart model about 13 to 14 years ago.  Since then I have had many spring and strap models.  I always was able to adapt my bouncing style to whichever model was my current flavor. However, once I tried a bungee model, the others paled quickly.  I had kissed alot of frogs to find my Prince of a rebounder.

Ironically, I got my first bungee the Jumpsport Fitness Trampoline 370 with a petal mat three years ago in October 2010 with a fantastic 50% off discount.  It was a new innovative rebounder with bungees, hitting the fitness convention circuit with a special 50% off promotion. This deal was very attractive compared to the only other bungee rebounders on the market by Bellicon which were quite expensive.
However, the first Jumpsport petal mat version had defective stitching.  My petal mat started to tear immediately as did its replacement and it was happening to just about every other petal mat customer.  Jumpsport realized it was a real defect and redesigned the petal mat.  While waiting for the newly designed petal mat to become available, they sent me a skirt mat.  I wound up preferring the skirt mat to even the new and improved petal mat because the petals were distracting to me since I watch myself in a mirror and sometimes noisy (and I love moving to music).  I was never comfortable bouncing on either the petals or skirt fringe barefooted though I could be more daring when wearing shoes so my movement was more vertical instead of horizontal.
Then the reports on the larger Bellicons were rolling in and were mostly positive so when Jumpsport released their larger 500 PRO line I was immediately interested.   Kept waiting for a discount but none were ever offered. Also kept waiting for a review but never really found any. In the meantime, I developed a terrible case of Plantar Fasciitis.  I could not bounce on the 370 barefooted for several months and realized I could never consider a Bellicon because of its squishy mat.
Once I could bungee barefooted again, the larger rebounder became attractive again.
I decided to stick with Jumpsport because of their previous wonderful customer service and product.  Also I didn't have to risk alot more $$ to see if the Bellicon with its highest tension cords would work OK with my PF.
The Jumpsport 570 PRO model with the petal mat cost quite a bit more so it was a simple decision for me to get their 550F PRO with the skirt mat.  Never expected the tension on its lowest setting would be so good for my feet! Plus I love feeling more stable and balanced with more overhead room since I workout in the basement with a low ceiling.  Being able to do Athletic cardio barefooted again is a real blessing for me and makes me feel 10 years younger.
Each person is different and has different workout preferences.
For me, the 550F is my King of rebounders.

Well I just finished my first real workout with my King of rebounders.  I cannot imagine any rebounder being better for my preferences than the 550F.  So glad I decided not to stay a princess and marry higher LOL
Now when I revisit the Prince, I am quickly reminded how much I prefer the King.

Long Live the King :)

ETA 9/16/2014
My 550 PRO still has a firm bounce in the center of its mat after almost one year of use.  It has been reported that a brand new 49 inch Bellicon had a soft center so do not order one if you have Plantar Fasciitis!

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