Monday, November 18, 2013

Never Too Late

I was afraid that my body was going to quit long before my mind when it came to moving.  In my earlier decades, I actually had more joint pain than I experienced in my 50's when I first started exercising regularly.  Then the 60's started and things seemed to be going downhill way quicker than I had expected.
In June 2012, I had alot of problems with the joints on my right side to the point of considering moving to a home without stairs.   My right knee and hip were getting more annoying.  Then missing the bottom step on the stairs made me mentally as well as physically afraid of stairs.  Eventually I healed enough to lose the fear and discovered the Sacro-Wedgy which helped greatly to keep my right side more aligned.
Then I had the PF flare a year later in June 2013.
Ever since the PF started and wearing supports, I was making an effort to change my gait, seeing too much pressure on the outer part of the shoes.  My right foot always pointed outward 30 to 45 degrees instead of straight and my right side had the worse PF as well as knee, and hip/low back pain.
Whenever I worked out on the bungee or walked outside, I have made an extra effort to keep my right toes straight while holding my core up and in.  During a long walk this morning, I noticed no twinges in any part of my feet, knees or hips/low back.   Hopefully, eventually, I will walk this way without making the conscious corrections.  I can honestly say I am more comfortable now in my mid 60's than I ever have been since my 20's when I was going to PT and chiropractors for back problems then neck problems.

Hope nothing deteriorates in June 2014!

also in an attempt to be proactive to save a tooth before root canal, I started having a molar capped this morning and am happy to report, the tooth with its temp cap is pain free after the Novocaine has worn off.  I have not been able to safely chew on that side for over 4 years!

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