Saturday, November 16, 2013

MUsic and MUving

As mentioned a zillion times, when the music and moves click for me, I get the best energizing workout. However, I cannot really determine which music and moves will click until I actually try them.  This morning's workout started out just ok, not great.  I didn't know if it was the music and/or the moves not motivating me. It was some TaeBo Express to which I had added new music I thought I would like.  Even if the moves don't connect while the music does, I can freestyle or tweak the moves so I am guessing it was a combination of both and will be deleting the songs from my library.

Next I did some routines uploaded by youtube user Andrea Ramirez (  which I enjoyed, including a stability ball routine:

I used a purple Zumba stick for the standing core instead of lifting my stability ball.
Also liked her band routines on the beach and joined them together when adding MUsic.

Then I did the Stamina Challenge from Billy Blanks, Jr.'s Cardioke.  Most of Cardioke was shown on Exercise TV but I bought the now OOP dvd for the Proud Mary routine not shown on TV.  I was able to do much more of it on the 550F than I ever could before.  I loved Cardioke but unfortunately, didn't click with Billy Blanks, Jr, sequel workouts.  The Blanks do have some of their Cardioke songs on youtube:

Finished with some of Debbie Rocker's Quick Start Walking for Weightloss which really clicked with the MUsic I had added!  This confirmed that my initial disinterest was not because of a low energy day.

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