Monday, November 25, 2013

Life is Good

I had another workout party this morning leaving me with a great endorphin high.  It seems like pumping MUsic with my 550F bungee is about the best kind of MUving I can do.  Not only do I workout longer and feel energized and less pain all day, I must have ignited my metabolism because I have lost 5 pounds since getting the 550F.  Plus I no longer have Grand Jury duty hanging over my head so no more flashbacks about being the victim of a mugging over 40 years ago and I am enjoying food more because I finally decided to have a vulnerable tooth capped.  Our older son has landed a job at decent enough pay enabling him to move out after staying with us for September, October and half of November.  So most emotional and physical stresses have been minimized.

This morning I did Keli Roberts 10 minute Solution Kickbox Bootcamp to which I had added MUsic and removed planks, etc.  It was great on the 550F with Fitstix.  Then I did a DA Power Pilates standing routine to which I had added MUsic, removed the planks, and Nia-cised it making it more aerobic.  Finished with the Bergman stick routine using the light Katami bar.  Another Vidiot questioned why buy dvds if I add my own MUsic and tweak the moves.
My response is *Why Not?*.  If I can make a workout routine more appealing for myself, why not?  The routines which are already perfect for me are rare and I crave variety.

Here's the original DA Power Pilates routine:

Also here is a sample of a ball bouncing spark in front of my laptop:

Ball Spark Sample by POMBarb
Just play any video and/or song and have fun without any stress on your joints.
Can just use your pc's chair if no stability ball handy.

ETA: 11/26
This morning I did a bunch of old workouts to which I had added MUsic.
Most were found online including routines by the Biggest Loser, Leslie Sansone and Denise Austin.
Adding MUsic brought them to life.

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