Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Fantastic Workout this Morning

Initially, I was afraid my workout would be limited because of a strange new pain in my (usually better) left foot which woke me up but luckily Arnica gel did the trick.  I had added MUsic to Leslie Sansone's 4 Power Miles so I stated with the first mile which was not quite as repetitive as her previous routines and worked great on the bungee with the MUsic I had added.  I was so into it that I got an Endorphin rush!  So I continued with the second mile and really enjoyed the power surges thanks to the 550.
(I cannot share the Leslie routines with my added MUsic because the dvd is still being sold.)

Next I did the OOP Paul Katami band routine shown on Exercise TV and it was quite good.  Even did the sitting on the floor stuff while sitting on the 550.
(It was embedded on 11/9 but I may be getting a higher quality donation of it)

Finished with some of the Qigong on the beach to which I had added perfect MUsic while keeping the sounds of the ocean.   There are alot of nice Qigong routines on the Daily Motion channel shared on 11/9:

ETA:   Since it is too chilly for an outdoor walk,  I pushed my chair away and clicked on this video file on my laptop.  I had added music from an exercise cd to Jessica Smith's Flat Abs Walk:
Jessica Smith has given me permission to use my own music with her videos.  Original video can be found uploaded on jessicasmithtv

ETA: This morning (Weds 11/13) was more Leslie and Qigong on the beach with MUsic added and some Barre3 Xtend.  Finished with some XCO AWT using Fitsticks.

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