Friday, November 8, 2013

John Abdo Walks

This morning I warmed up with some of the basic routine on the dvd which came with the 550.  Actually, I already have this extended dvd but wanted to make sure this was a good copy before giving it away.  I really like the moves used by the beginner modifier.  The routines are short but gives a new customer some ideas how to use a bungee.

Next I did the John Abdo Fat Blaster Walk to which I had added MUsic because its original music was too soft.  I really like John's quirkiness and fun moves. Worked great on the 550.

Abdo Fat Blaster Walk MU by POMBarb

After realizing I had been ignoring the stability ball since getting the 550, I used a Hamelin D'Abell interval routine found online that used a jump rope for cardio:

  The latter two routines were burned to dvdr on 11/22/2012.

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