Saturday, November 30, 2013

Editing Video Files and Sharing

Editing workout video files has become a hobby of mine.
Since MUving to MUsic is my movement of choice, I have found most workout video audios uninspiring.  Sometimes the cuing or music can become quite annoying. I much rather get into the MUsic and freestyle when there are moves I do not wish to follow 100%.  Then there are moves like planks which I do not do and do not feel like constantly modifying or fast forwarding past.  These moves can be easily removed when I add MUsic.

Just want to remind anyone interested in trying some of my MUsic added video files, I do share them privately for free either through filemail, dropbox or Daily Motion so drop me a line if interested at
I cannot share them publicly because of the song copyrights which create quite a convoluted maze.  Plus even the instructors in many videos do not have a clue as to who owns the original copyrights of their creations!
Better yet, I can give you tips on how to edit your own videos if you would like to give it a try.

This morning I did some of my edited Biggest Loser Last Chance routine on the bungee then a routine found online called *Awesome Butt  Exercises for Women* which had very good effective moves then finished with some Solibeat on the stability ball.  The stability ball works very well with Solibeat!

Here's a sample clip of the edited BL video:

This is the Solibeat song Djole which I did previously did on the bungee but revisited sitting on a stability ball:

Jammin with Solibeat by POMBarb

Heads up
Jessicasmithtv has a new cardio and band fusion routine which looks GREAT!

and here is my edited file with free MUsic from Amazon

JS Cardio Band Fusion free MU by POMBarb

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