Thursday, June 30, 2011

CET is better than The Borgata in somethings!

Finally found some things CET does better than The Borgata!
When a CET slot machine malfunctions, you can request timely help if the cardreader is working properly. Haven't a clue how The Borgata responds to a malfunction cuz my husband had to find a security guard to get a slot attendant the two times it happened to me.
If you are alone, you are SOL.

Also all play is counted at CET but comp dollars have a $5 daily minimum at The Borgata to accumulate. If you play less than the $5, the dollars still get added to your annual tier status but not to your comp dollar balance. It takes the equivalent of 100 CET tier credits to earn the $5 minimum at The Borgata.

Now let me count the ways that The Borgata surpasses CET:
The Borgata comped us rooms in the summer while CET left us out in the cold, heat.
The comped rooms at the Borgata are $8 a night cheaper than CET's taxes and fees.
Comp dollars accumulate twice as fast at TheBorgata.
Borgata Black Label upgrades are given freely to CET Diamond cardholders.
Black Label members and a guest cost $10 in comp each for either The Buffet or the Amphora lounge. The Buffet is opened for breakfast and lunch as well as dinner daily while Diamond lounges do not open till 2pm on weekdays and noon on weekends. The Amphora lounge is opened till 10PM when the Diamond lounge closes at 7:30PM on weekdays.
The food at The Borgata is far superior to the Diamond lounges.
The Borgata gives several generous bonus slot downloads a month in addition to an earned slot download when more than $10 comp is earned in a gambling day playing slot machines (like CET you have to play twice as much on poker slot machines for the comp). The earned slot dollars are half the amount of the comp dollar so you get $5 slot download if you earn $10 comp.

Black Label is earned by getting 1000 comp dollars within a year after an upgrade or the equivalent of 20,000 CET tier credits. Now that Harrahs charges for Diamond admittance if you have less than 25,000 tier credits in a calendar year, this previous higher Black Label cutoff is a bargain if you are a couple and combine your play on one card like many couples will have to do to achieve the new higher Diamond status. Best part is you earn the comp dollars twice as fast at The Borgata, have more extended hours for eating, better food and more comped rooms with cheaper fees. It's an easy decision if you are a couple who goes to Atlantic City frequently like us.

The Black Label upgrade is good for a full year from the day you upgrade so you do not have till just the end of December of the current calendar year to earn your next year. You can pick your one year anniversary month yourself by upgrading whenever you choose. The first upgrade gets you a $100 slot download, $20 in comp and a free room. If you upgrade again further down the road, you do not get these extras again, just Black Label status for the whole year, starting from the day you upgrade.

One other thing, CET marketing makes alot of mistakes, accidentally blocking offers both in snail mail and online and in addition, your offers may never get to you if the postal system doesn't deliver it properly. We have seen free buffet offers online and never received the coupons.
All of my offers including cashback were blocked for a whole year right in the middle of several consecutive Diamond years!

ETA: Sad but true, The Borgata failed to correctly enter a bonus download for DH one week in January. Their Customer Care claims it is based on play ..... NOT! DH's card has 15 times the play as mine and I am being offered the bonus download the 2 days they fouled up for him! Thankfully, his bonus downloads seem to be properly entered all of the other weeks before and after so just a one time glitch. Think his invitation to a slot tournament contributed to the mistake.

ETA: Found another thing CET does better. The tunes they play are usually oldies that I love. The Borgata plays annoying repetitive instrumentals that sound like elementary school bands practicing, over and over and over again, day after day after day. I pity their employees.

more on Jumpsport Bounce Camp

Last evening, I revisited the warmup then some of the first circuit strength till the planks. Warmup was better than I remembered and some of the lower body had an aerobic effect.
This morning I did the cardio from the first circuit after fast forwarding a very long time to get to it then most of the second circuit. The cardio in the second circuit felt shorter but I even liked the core segment lying on the bungee. Then I switched to the warmup of Kathy Smith/Michael O's Aerobox as a cooldown and stretch which also worked the lower body.

I had injured my left arm in AC so was avoiding overusing it till it healed since it is already greatly improved since yesterday. As weird as it sounds, I hurt my arm when removing change from a cash machine! My thumb nail got stuck on a metal edge and even though the nail tore a bit, my arm got twisted when the nail snagged.

So except for having to fast forward to the cardio, Bounce Camp is better than I remembered it, leaving me with the conflict about trying the other Jumpsport dvds since being offered a special discount. Oh the challenges of being a vidiot with already too many workouts to do!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Fitness Trampoline DVD Workout Discount

This was just too ironic! I had just started to do some healthbouncing on my bungee when the phone rings. It was Rachel from Jumpsport offering a discount price of $9.95 on the second and/or third workout dvd(s) to customers who already ordered one at the original price.

If interested, you can email
call (408) 213-2578

I haven't decided whether or not to cave because the price is attractive but I have only done Bounce Camp once and need to revisit it. Would have preferred it if the cardio were more accessible on the dvd because each chapter starts with the strength portion of the circuit. I like the instructor but prefer more continuous cardio on the bungee. Hmmm, now that I have a new laptop, I could edit the dvd! Will think on it.

Sunday through Weds.

Back from another winning trip thanks to The Borgata!
Switching most of our play from Total Rewards to The Borgata has made us small winners this year instead of big losers. Never liked losing and like it even less now that I have absolutely no motivation to risk money in a casino that constantly removes its perks. Last year, suddenly only Diamond members got cashbacks and now they are making Diamond people under 25,000 tier points feel cheated having to suddenly pay for admission to their Diamond lounges.

As in previous summers, The Borgata offered us comped rooms while CET Total Rewards did not, even when we were both Diamond and losing substantial sums of $$.
We have enough comp dollars at The Borgata to feed us for the rest of the summer at their buffet and Amphora Lounge so do not need the Diamond lounges with their restricted hours of operation and cafeteria food at twice the price since their comp takes twice as much gambling to earn. Even save $8 a night in taxes and room fees for a comped room since the Borgata just charges $5.

Will be playing occasionally at Ballys on hot days with their Beat the Heat promotion running till the end of July but at a much reduced rate. There is no rational or emotional reason to feed the CET slots anymore. Oh they will do ok during the summer with the tourists but once the summer is over, they will become ghost towns.

Saturday, June 25, 2011


I warmed up on the bungee to Michael O's old basic Aerojump vhs then did the standing portions of his Trainer's Edge Killer Abs & Back with Fitstix. Fitstix really worked well with the punches and ab rotations.
Finished with some much needed Classical Stretch.
Am expecting major DOMS tomorrow because some are already kicking in!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Kudos to NY

The NY State Senate just passed a bill making same sex marriage legal with religious exemptions!

ETA: My husband and I were able to retire early because we didn't think we would have to pay for an expensive wedding for either son. Ooooops


Another great hodge podge day :)

Warmed up on the bungee to MUVE then did some Batuka with my Fitstix and finished with a Chiball chair back stretching routine.

Do a search for Batuka on youtube and check out their clips. Very Zumba-like but they do the breakdown of the moves first then the routine. Lots of lower body strength moves are done while *dancing*.

Enhanced CET Diamond Lounge Experience

Just read about an unexpected event from a recent Diamond lounge visit:
A person got food poisoning probably because the food isn't being either chilled (warm shrimp cocktail) or kept heated sufficiently because of its slow turnaround.

Now I am afraid to eat there even if I have the comp!
Will use the coupons they sent for one visit when we just want a beverage and only take steaming hot food from a whole new pan. May have to sit there a couple of hours waiting for that pan, hoping they do not mix in the older stuff like they usually do.

Also it is rumored that any employee mentioning this change negatively will be terminated.
Nice CET, really nice.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Jazzercise Core Fitness dvd giveaway

Collage video is offering Jazzercise Core Fitness as a giveaway on Win Lose or Blog


This morning I started with the Body & Soul Power Walk which I bought a long time ago at Dollar Tree and it worked really well with my Fitstix! Then I did some of the AWT band workout from Body Gospel. Finished with some of the Chiball Yoga for Flexibility which actually has a nice aerobic warmup. Nice combination in spite of our humidity :)

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Sunday through Weds AC CET & Borgata trip

Push several penny slot buttons
and start the cycle all over again.

and that was my last few days :)

Since I had cutback on gambling at the CET Total Rewards casinos, choosing to play mostly at The Borgata, we seem to always come home with more $$! This trip again proved to me how much looser the slots are at The Borgata. As aggravating as the new $10 comp charge is for the Diamond lounges, I am grateful that CET implemented it before I wasted more $$ going for Diamond this year. The person who made the decision to charge for Diamond lounges must be a Borgata employee! The Borgata should name him employee of the year. Heck, players should nominate him as even the CET Employee of the year because he will be saving recreational gambling couples alot of money :)

Son's Review Blog

Our son started a review blog.
Having one foot in London and the other in NYC has its advantages.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Saturday and back into the groove

Finally got in an energetic workout this morning!
Warmed up with MUVE on the bungee then did some Body Gospel which made me feel alittle more like my old younger self. Then did some rounds from Rob Forcelli's Speedbody workout while wearing the Shadowboxer belt. GREAT combo!

I see stress from various situations had drained my energy and am realizing how more and more everything is connected and relative in my life and how making lemonade out of lemons has always helped me to move onward, happier and healthier.
Our son coming out as gay drove me onto the Internet to connect with other parents.
Discovering the emotional and physical benefits of video workouts got me even more into the Internet. The Internet, in turn, kept me moving with new ideas.
This all then helped me to adjust to the reality that our other son had Asperger's and would probably be dependent on us forever. Conversely, it helped me adjust to our gay son's decisions to live farther and farther away, landing in London after trying CA.
Enjoying slot machines at an affordable level and appreciating all of the walking opportunities in AC became the perfect way of having some days away from our Aspie son who is capable of caring for himself for several days at a time. Our frequent trips to AC give him some sense of independence and my husband and I a sense of freedom, even if for just a few days.

It's all good, even when something bitter happens.
Just have to keep making that lemonade alittle sweeter.

Why Blog about AC Diamond Lounges?

Most people who know me online know I have 3 passions:
The Internet, exercise and Atlantic City.
These passions often overlap.
All bring me physical activity, mental stimulation, stress reduction, and entertainment.

Well, one of those passions took a huge hit this past week after the CET Total Rewards Diamond lounges made the sudden decision to start charging for admittance.
True, I have been shifting most of my play from the CET Total Rewards casinos to The Borgata since CET had blocked most of my offers accidentally for a year and started me on the road towards questioning whether I should stay Diamond while my husband did. Now even my husband will not pursue Diamond status anymore since he, too, much prefers The Borgata.

The full damage this sudden CET change has made is irreparable.
They have ruined their AC Diamond branding and reputation irreversibly.
Other casinos would be wise to offer upgrades like The Borgata to give these previously loyal players a new home base. However, even without an upgrade, as previous AC Diamond players investigate the comps at other casinos in AC and other states, they may find CET released them from a bondage and has set them free to enjoy much more variety in perks and play while risking way less $$.

CET charge for Diamond Lounges in AC

The CET Total Rewards hotels in AC have committed financial suicide.
Whoever was the statistical analyst who came up with this plan to suddenly charge for Diamond Lounge admittance in AC missed one very important statistic:
The majority of people who frequented the Diamond lounges and now have to pay to enter were couples. Couples who both gambled moderately.
So for almost every Diamond member they have alienated, they have alienated a companion as well. Their more compulsive gamblers will still be eating and drinking free but the loyal couples who have spent most of their leisure dollars at CET will be gone.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. The smug higher tiered players will see their perks disappearing as well as the sinking ship goes down soon after the summer season.
Here are just a few predictions of changes to come:
The Diamond Lounges will restrict their hours more, some may even close a whole day or two or more midweek as they already do in December,
CET hotels will offer less free buffet coupons, comped rooms, etc. as their bottomline struggles with less incoming cash.
Platinum players and guests may be invited to the clubs for $10 comp, even cash to eat the food before it is tossed into the garbage so their servers can earn some tips.

Reversing this irreparable damage to their AC brand will never restore the blindless faith of their cheated Diamond players and companions because our eyes have been opened and will stay opened.

ETA: Another nice enhancement has been food poisoning!
Either it was the warm shrimp cocktail or the heated food that isn't being kept hot enough with the slow turnaround.

Friday, June 17, 2011


Another sluggish day probably because of the humidity.
Yesterday we did receive a check from the Nissan Dealer for reparations so overall are satisfied with the purchase.

This morning I warmed up with MUVE on the bungee then did the rest of Custom3fit then some Kukuwa and finished with the Chiball Qi Gong warmup. The chiball was my favorite part of the workout. Still has mixed feelings about Custom3Fit but did like the chest and back routine. Will try it with Playall instead of picking the chapters I want to do and see if that makes it feel more stimulating for me.

For the bungee warmup or sparks, MUVE is becoming my favorite combination. Good loud music some fun moves and easy to freestyle with the moves I don't want to do.

ETA: the Qi Gong warmup was from the Chiball Awaken Your Spine workout

Thursday, June 16, 2011


Well we are back from another successful trip to The Borgata. Since we switched most of our play there from the Total Rewards casinos (Harrahs, Caesars, Ballys and Showboat), we have been winning more than we used to lose. Besides losing less, we are eating better so I would like to officially thank the dumb Total Rewards marketing people who decided to suddenly charge comp dollars for Diamond members to enter the Diamond lounges because it confirmed our decision to switch to The Borgata. Even if they changed it back to free admittance, neither of us will ever try to be Diamond again.

This morning, I washed our den windows as a warm up LOL
Then I did some of Custom3Fit. I like most of the cardio and some of the strength but not sure if the music or instructor's voice will make me want to revisit much.
Then I did some Planet Motion and some Ellen Barrett Skinny Sculpt.
Finished with alittle Yoga Play.

Saturday, June 11, 2011


This morning I warmed up on the bungee with MUVE then did the 10 minute Walk It Off Advanced workout which overlapped with the 30 minute one. Then I did some Ellen Barrett.

Just received Custom3Fit in the mail alittle too late but may try some of its cardio later since the cardio seems nicely chaptered.

ETA: I did get a spark in and did the warmup, first cardio and biceps from Custom3Fit.
I like how I can choose which cardio or body parts I want to do and at what level.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Kukuwa Flash mob

Kukuwa is having a Flash mob at Dupont Circle in DC on Saturday June 18th 2pm!

she sent some links for the moves that has been posted on youtube and the warm up is from her new dvd:

if anyone wants more info, I can forward her email to you.

if these links do not work, I will



Lately, it seems like I am working out less and less and just try to get in at least 30 minutes a day of something. Don't know whether it is age, the heat, stress, or just a combination of everything but prefer walking around AC much more than videos! I lurve Planet Motion but cannot do more than 20 minutes at a time of that one either before starting to watch the clock.

This morning I did a bungee warmup with MUVE then most of the 30 minute Jenny Craig Advanced Walk It Off with my homemade XCOs. I am beginning to think MUVE may be the best bungee workout out there though not designed for bungees or rebounders. The music is so nice and clear and no verbal cuing just do your own thing or follow anyone on the screen.

ETA: We went to a new Aldi's that opened in our town which was even nicer than the one we had been going to on the way home from AC. Then went out to eat at a restaurant near us cuz we had a 50% off coupon. They have a new chef and the food was excellent!!!

Atlantic City Caesars Total Rewards Rant

Just wanted to write about recent changes in Atlantic City casino policy which will greatly affect the financial future of the casinos involved. Most of our previous gambling was done within the walls of the Caesars' Total Rewards casinos which are Caesars, Ballys, Harrahs and Showboat. We go so often that even at a slow rate of gambling playing the minimum on penny slots, both my husband and I would reach the Diamond tier. Part of the rewards for reaching this tier was a free admittance to their Diamond lounges for food and drink. We aren't drinkers so really didn't benefit from what is probably the more expensive part of the offer.
Then we started playing and staying more and more at The Borgata after being upgraded to their Black Label tier. The Borgata's comp rooms cost $5 a night in taxes while the Total Rewards rooms $13. That $8 difference a night doesn't sound like much but adds up over the course of a year since we spend so many nights a month in AC. The Borgata offered us rooms during the summers while Total Rewards got stingier and stingier. For $10 of comp, we could either go to The Borgata buffet or their Amphora Lounge which was their version of a Diamond Lounge. Both the buffet and lounge at The Borgata have much better food than the 4 buffets and 4 lounges at Total Rewards. The slot machines also seemed looser and comp dollars accumulated faster at The Borgata. So this past year I settle for Platinum at Total Rewards while my husband still went Diamond.
We get a mailing yesterday that in less than a week, the Diamond lounges will start charging $10 of comp for each admission to their lounges in exchange for supposedly better food. The Diamond lounges were empty most weekdays before and will be now even emptier. How can you make a change like that with so little warning??? I have much more comp dollars than my husband and cannot even use them for the lounges because I am not Diamond! To add insult to injury, I can earn a free buffet at Ballys just playing an hour while Diamond players cannot!!! Whoever is determining these policies at Total Rewards needs to understand what brings consistent gamblers into their casinos and what doesn't. Oh and then there was the whole year my mailings were block so I got absolutely no offers or cashbacks, even though I was Diamond the year before, during and after!
As unfair as this change of policy is, it is a blessing because we can both finally give up the goal of either of us going Diamond anymore and new casinos are opening up that may share our action with The Borgata. The downside is, there will be an exodus to The Borgata, making their buffet and lounge lines very long this summer.

Thursday, June 9, 2011


This morning I warmed up on the bungee to MUVE clips then did some Body Gospel, the rest of Gin's Power Abs (standing chapters) and finished with some TaeBo Amped using my homemade longer XCOs (large bubble wands from Walmart partially fulled with rocksalt and pennies).

Son's jury duty is over and wasn't as bad as he expected. He was terrified of being arrested because of not being where he should be or understanding what he should doing. He saw everyone else as confused as himself as to where to go, etc.

Our car dealer is trying to make some reparations for their misleading charges by arranging a 4 year registration with new license plates for us. Will believe it when I see it. Salesman seemed more confused than we were.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Two Belles Angie Gorr Giveaway

Two Belles Fitness is offering a giveaway for Angie Gorr's Custom3 Fit 50/50 workout dvd

I wanted this dvd for so long that I went ahead and ordered it because of the following deal:
Great Deal on 50/50 Cardio weights for 1 week only. Save $8.00! Reg $14.99 + $2.98 Shipping, this offer is $9.99 plus Free SHipping. Offer ends June 15th. Go to and type in Promo Code FACEBK2.

You must type in the promo code BEFORE adding to cart.

Weds and still bouncing to the internet

this morning I warmed up on the bungee to two Kangoo clips
Born This Way

Then I did some Body Gospel while holding Fitstix and am still loving this set for its moves and music on louder. Finished with some more of Gin Miller's Power Abs using Kathy Smith's 3lb kettlebell.

Our poor son who sleeps past noon had to get up early today for jury duty.
Cannot imagine him actually being placed on a jury with his Asperger's Syndrome. Expect both lawyers to want to dismiss him immediately, knowing something isn't clicking right with him unless they want a hung jury indefinitely.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Amazon 20% off inc Fitness Trampoline

Through June 15, 2011, you can save an additional 20% on Sports & Outdoors items by using your Amazon Visa card. Promo code is: sports20

This discount works with the Zumba Exhilarate set as well as the Jumpsport Fitness Trampoline

Tuesday and Batuka

An alert VFer found Batuka on youtube which I did as a warmup on my bungee and enjoyed.

Then I did the last 3 songs on the Planet Motion World Dance Workout dvd which as I had hoped and predicted is starting to sell like crazy. Then I did some of the rest of Athletic which became mostly dreaded planks and pushups after the second series. I skipped most of the planks and all of the pushups. Then I started to revisit Gin Miller's Power Abs and really liked it with the Kathy Smith 3 lb kettlebell instead of a medball. My cardio became jogging on the YogFlex with Fitstick.

I will be giving my ReboundAIR that is out on my patio away to another NJ VFer. No point keeping it cuz it just makes me want to switch to the bungee whenever I give it another try.

Monday, June 6, 2011


Had a nice workout this morning.
Started with an Asian aerobics video from youtube that kept simple lower body and used various upper body movements, making it perfect on the bungee! Unfortunately, the link is on my other puter so I may add it later if I remember.

Then I did songs 4 through 6 of Planet Motion World Dance which is still strongly in the lead as my favorite workout of my collection.

Finished with the standing part of the warmup and first pseudo-kettlebell series from Athletica. Loved doing KB moves to drums. Felt challenged just with my 3 lb Kathy Smith KB.

Forgot to mention, we are having our son visit while our neighbor pounds away at our den roof
... should be interesting
(having part of den roof stripped for an ice shield then a new layer of shingles and a new gutter installed to prevent the leaking from snow and ice we had last winter)

here's the link to the youtube video I found very rebounder friendly

Sunday, June 5, 2011

a Rant

I am so tired of businesses taking advantage of good customers who pay cash and don't bother to sue them for shoddy services.
We had our home painted and a storm hit soon afterwards ruining the job.
The painters also had power washed our home which ruined the roof.
We get a new roof and the roofers used a tarp with holes in it so we got tar spots all over the paint job. Yeah they painted over with extra paint we had but you can tell exactly where.
Then to add insult to injury, my new den windows leaked because the roofers tiled over the roof shingles and didn't strip the old ones off and apply an ice guard.
Now we are paying our neighbor who put in the windows to redo most of the den roof with an ice guard and new gutter.

Y'all know about the aggravation I had with being overbilled for our new heating system installed by our oil company of over 30 years.

Now I feel screwed over the price of our new car.
Love the car but we definitely overpaid.
Besides paying over a thousand dollars more than the MSRP for extra packages we didn't want and for some features already included, they charged us over $440 for what turned out to be just a transfer of our registration from our trade-in and not a new car 4 year registration as we had been expecting.

Guess I am wearing a sign saying:

Well, some folks who bought the new UR Extreme series at $130 now can rant too because there is a deal now for $119 that includes all 14 dvds plus a free Urban Rebounder.
Glad I finally dodge a bullet on that one.
Still have no interest in that series and am still stuck with a UR I do not use.
Here's the link if interested


This morning I warmed up on the bungee to some Thai Aerobics from youtube (sorry but link is on other puter) then did 3 songs from Planet Motion World Dance (still lurving this dvd) and a couple of songs from Body Gospel's cardio strength circuit workout (too lazy to doublecheck the title LOL).

Rib twinging is way less thanks to Arnica gel.

Will be making the marinara sauce for my grandma's special baked zitti recipe in anticipation of our son's visit tomorrow. He is vacationing in NYC now that he is living and working in London.
I swear we have seen him more often since his move to London!

ETA: here is a site with a review and clip from Nia's Unplugged which is just about tied with the newer Planet Motion World Dance Workout dvd for my favorite workouts in my collection.

Saturday, June 4, 2011


This morning I warmed up on the bungee with the cardio from Socasize but at half time cuz was way too fast. Then I did its Wine & Tone standing chapter with my homemade XCOs. It reminded me alittle of Anita Barbero's Strength and Spirit. The song was great at first but got repetitive. Then I did some stuff from Exercise TV that used a band and a medball. Finished with more of Leela's youtube downloads.

The other night I got out of bed too fast and aggravated a rib and felt it twinging on and off during the workout so avoided doing anything that seemed to trigger the twinge.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Weds through Friday

Had a good couple of days walking the AC boardwalk in sunshine, playing penny slot machines, eating mostly healthy, and sleeping quite well so feeling very refreshed. Even enjoy the commuting so much more in the new car. Put over 30,000 on the pedometer but am anxious to get back into the workout groove again tomorrow.

I have to mention the extraordinary breakfast we had this morning. It was a Veggie Eggs Bendict made with portabello mushroom, sliced tomato with a baked on crust, avocado, poached egg and Hollandaise sauce. My husband rarely tries new things but flipped over this concoction. We will definitely be ordering that again!