Friday, September 30, 2011

Ellen Live Power Fusion and Chiball Essentials

After doing a warmup on the bungee to Mellow Muve, I did 17 minutes of Ellen's new Live Power Fusion. I like the movements and loved the music but my DOMS from yesterday's Kettlebell Bootcamp were kicking in too strong to enjoy the movements as much as I would on another day. At least, the DOMS confirmed her workout was using muscles and indeed was a cardio and strength fusion.
Then I did the first two chapters on Chiball Essentials which were nice but very similar to one another. Hope the next chapter shows more variations in movement unlike Dance of the Dragon which was very repetitive.
Will try to do some sparks later, more MELLOW Muve and Chiball Essentials.

Mellow MUVE

I was lucky enough to discover MUVE on the internet
and have shared some of my favorite clips in my favorite links.
Thought all I needed were the clips on their site.....

I am presently borrowing Maggie's Mellow MUVE dvd and am pleasantly surprised how great these songs are on the bungee. Most of the clips online probably come from the Family MUVE dvd. Maggie does alot of rooting which is essentially healthbouncing on the Mellow dvd. There are a zillion feel good moves, decent music (mostly Hawaiian), and no verbal cuing. I love MUSIC only stuff! Add in lots of feel good moves that are bungee friendly and I have found the perfect *Just Right Goldilocks* workout for me.
I do have two related complaints though:
(1) Maggie does very few repetitions and just when you are doing what she is doing and getting into it, she switches. She also doesn't work both sides equally.
(2) The graphics can be distracting and are entirely unnecessary. By the time you figureout what the graphics are implying, Maggie is on to the next move. Why bother? Her movements are very spontaneous so why try to squeeze them into a graphic formula that just doesn't work.

However, if you ignore the graphics and try to work both sides, MUVE is about the best way to keep moving and worth every penny because the dvds are loaded with songs and routines.

Anywho I did some Mellow Muves yesterday as a spark and this morning as a spark. Both times, I broke a sweat and cannot blame humidity because it is quite chilly this morning. Will report the rest of my workouts and sparks as I go today.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Indie Rockers, Power Aerobics Fatburn

This morning I tried the warmup and cardio from Cardio for Indie Rockers on the bungee then did Power Aerobics Fatburn with Fitstix. All worked well together with decent moves and music. Indie Rockers moves didn't feel in time with the music, too rushed so I went halftime. May revisit it with another music track. Power Aerobics timing was just right but may revisit it in German out of curiosity LOL
Neither of these workouts would be popular on VF because of their video quality but I just look for moves and music I enjoy which work with my equipment and can care less about lighting, outfits, etc.
Then I revisited Chapter 3 of Kettlebell Bootcamp and did a few songs from Misty's 5th routine as a cooldown.

Updates: Elevated PSA, AC, etc.

Happy New Year everyone and the old year went out very well for us.

DH had his urology appointment yesterday and we really liked the doctor alot! Not an alarmist and very down to earth. Doubts strongly it is cancer and if the repeat PSA is ok which he expects, DH is just one of those people with harmless microscopic blood in his urine. To be continued next week.

We both came home from 3 days of gambling with more than we left home with, thankfully mostly to The Borgata's generous bonus downloads. We also won a few dollars at Showboat, Caesars and Harrahs after a very slow start at each casino. Looked like it was going to be our first large losing trip in a very long time but we persevered and had profitable comebacks. Most of the new machines with larger minimums (40 to 50 cents a spin) were too tight for my tastes but I did find a couple of loose ones as well as a few oldies but goodies. Seems like our luck has really changed since The Borgata has become our home base. The Borgata was soooo busy on Sunday, that if I found an empty seat at a slot machines I liked, I stayed for quite awhile before hunting for another. They claim AC revenues are down but I never saw an AC casino this crowded before. It was like they were giving money away which they were because the bonus downloads missed during Hurricane Irene's evacuation were being offered.
We enjoyed the fried chicken at Harrahs Diamond Lounge on Sunday, Caesars lunch buffet Monday except for rancid shrimp and McCormicks $10 lunch Tuesday but otherwise, The Borgata covered our meals very well. Their new fall menu at the buffet is in effect and has alot of new items to taste. The Chinese style shrimp is especially outstanding. Happy to see their amazing beets again!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Annual Health Exams

This morning I did the 4th routine from Misty's Delicious Dance, mostly on the bungee then the second chapter of Kettlebell Bootcamp then some Redefining Abs Training (standing abs) and finished with the first half of the low weight pre-mix of Zero to Sixty with Fitstix. Zero to Sixty was very good with Fitstix!

I think Misty on the bungee is really agreeing with me. Joints feel good, energy level good, sleeping well, and weight is slowly creeping downwards again.

Was alittle upset by some results of our annual physicals.
It seems like every year, our doctor has to find something.
Like last year he tricked me into a colonoscopy because my red blood cells looked like I could be becoming anemic. Colonoscopy was normal as were my blood cells on the following blood test. Had to pay a much higher co-pay because the colonoscopy procedure was diagnostic instead of a preventive screening. DH has joked about having one now that it is free just to get even with the insurance company but still refuses after serving on a jury case about a colonoscopy that went bad.
Then the year before my Triglycerides were really high then returned right back to normal the next blood test, making me believe it was a lab or human error.
Then one year he wanted my husband to have a stress test immediately, making it sound like DH was going to drop dead any second. Stress test (done on my birthday which meant canceling our AC trip) was normal and it was probably a faulty EKG.

Well it was DH's turn again this year. DH who has had a history of hematuria 10 years ago suddenly when he was taking alot of Excedrin for headaches because of retiring and worrying about money has it again, probably from over-using aspirin. Do not understand why he has to pop 2 Excedrins whenever in pain (sore throat or headaches) instead of taking a Tylenol and then one Excedrin if the one Tyenol doesn't work. However, this time, his PSA level is also up over the normal level so he has to see a urologist and be checked for prostate cancer and even if negative, may have to be screened for the rest of his life and he hates tests, etc. I know, who doesn't? If I hadn't taken the bull by the horns and immediately called and set up the appointment, he never would have his prostate checked.

My own numbers though ok showed an increase in categories that showed a nice decrease last time so were overall disappointing to me. It did motivate me to eat even healthier which is a good thing cuz I was starting to cheat more and more.

CET Diamond Lounges, Netflix, HP Decisions

It seems like some higher level management people are making some really dumb business decisions, proving whoever are making these decisions do not understand consumers.

HP decides to pull out of the tablet and puter hardware business and their tablets are soon sold out at the discounted prices. They supposedly fired the guy who made that initial decision.

Netflix decides to split their Instant Watch and dvd mailing services and charge separately for each which changes their $9.99 cheapest combination plan to $15.98. Even renamed their dvd mailing service to Qwikster. On top of this, their best Instant Watch content from Starz will be ending. They wound up losing way more subscribers than initially predicted and their stock prices are reflecting the damage.

CET Diamond Lounges in AC (Harrahs, Showboat, Ballys, Caesars) suddenly imposed a $10 comp admission to Diamond Members under 25,000 base credits in mid June just before their official summer season. It takes 11,000 to earn the Diamond tier. CET claims this was supposed to pay for enhancements but the roped off areas in the Diamond Lounges during the summer season showed that this was a very bad decision. People who were in favor of the decision were disappointed to find dried out food and a long wait for an available table during peak dinner hours because of a cut in service staff. It may have improved CET's immediate bottomline in cutting costs but most Diamond players are taking whatever they can get from CET and then playing (and eating) elsewhere. Now that the summer season is over and the summer tourists are gone, the loss of their Diamond players will have a huge impact on their casino revenues. Their loss will be The Borgata's gain. The Borgata offers an immediate upgrade to Black Label for a full year for anyone with a CET Diamond card, even if you already did the first upgrade which also offered a $100 slot download, $20 comp and a free room. Comp dollars accrue twice as quickly at The Borgata than CET casinos and $10 comp can be used to enter either the Amphora Lounge or buffet, both of which are far superior in food quality. Also enables the breakfast and lunch buffets while DLs do not open till 2PM during the week. We have also found several extra benefits at The Borgata: $8 cheaper nightly room fees, comped summer room offers, generous bonus slot downloads, and best of all, looser slot machines.
It is really quite amazing how well our gambling funds have been lasting since switching!
Best CET Diamond benefit for us has been enabling the Borgata Black Label upgrades.

One thing that puzzles me is why some Diamond members are hesitating to try The Borgata upgrade and switching most of their play to The Borgata, waiting to see what the new Revel casino will be offering next year. I strongly doubt the new Revel will be offering more than The Borgata. CET's only advantage over The Borgata is that they are not just in AC and CET will still have that advantage over the Revel. After seeing so many bad business decisions by upper level management in established businesses, what are the odds that this new casino will have better offers? Why not enjoy what The Borgata offers now?

Friday, September 23, 2011

Delicious Dance, KB Bootcamp, Sanjana

I did routine #3 of Misty's Delicious Dance mostly on the bungee.
Then I did the warmup and chapter 1 from Angie's KB Bootcamp with the cuing in case I missed an important cue.
Finished with Nia's Sanjana from its punching song (Am I the One?) which I really liked but lost interest when they started doing more on the floor in the next song after a nice stretch. Ironically, yesterday I had rented a workout from Blockbuster (POISE) which uses the upper body and martial arts as a warmup but it looked so boring, I skipped trying it and this routine in Sanjana was similar but so much better.

I am at a point where I know I have to stop wasting precious workout time trying stuff that doesn't call my name and revisit stuff that did.

actually Thurs' workout Bungee or not to Bungee

Ooops forgot to post my workout yesterday!
I did Delicious Dance routine #2 on the bungee and really liked it on the bungee!
Then did some Zero to Sixty without the bungee while holding homemade XCOs and preferred it off the bungee LOL
Also did some Kettlebell Bootcamp. Really like the first 6 chapters alot. Chapter 7 is pushups and then Chapter 8 Abs so probably will revisit Chapters 1 through 6 alot more often.

Will hopefully remember to post this morning's workout later.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Zero to 60, KB Bootcamp, Delicious Dance

I warmed up with Zero to 60 and decided it really isn't a bungee workout. It does have good music and moves but really is an AWT that is felt more on the floor.
Then I did a few chapters of KB Bootcamp and really like the moves, # of reps and speed and of course, the music only option.
Finished with the first workout from Misty's Bodygroove Delicious Dance which delivered yesterday. The dvd is much nicer than the downloads whether choosing a premix workout or individual song. Some people (may be USA only) can get this on a $19.95 special which is a real bargain by going to then clicking on the free dvd then the upgrade button at the bottom, not *Buy Now* at
If you go directly through Amazon it will cost $29.95, even $39.95!

I am finding Delicious Dance very versatile and even bungee, Fitstix and chiball friendly.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

KB Bootcamp & Zero to 60

Yesterday I did a Kettlebell Bootcamp spark.
This morning before the doctor's appointment, I did some of Twombley's Zero to Sixty.
I like both dvds alot.
KB Bootcamp has a music only option and do-able reps and speed.
Zero to Sixty has some very good music and seems to be all AWT with light weights.

Monday, September 19, 2011

This morning I warmed up on the bungee with a mostly lower body and cardio circuit led by Charlene then did more of Nia's Sanjana while holding chiballs.

Finally received an email that my free Misty Delicious Bodygroove dvd was on its way.
Received by snail mail two new trades which will keep me busy while waiting.

My right inner knee is acting up so I will baby it.
The condition comes and goes.
Also have my annual doctor's visit tomorrow morning.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Nia with Chiballs Rave and Misty Rant

I have been getting impatient about receiving the free Misty Tripoli Delicious Bodygroove dvd which was promised to previous download customers. The dvd includes 2 more songs plus routine premixes. Though I have tried to contact her several times through emails and tweets, I have never received a reply. The dvd is now available for just $19.95 with free shipping though many bought it just a day or two ago for $29.95 through Amazon. I paid $29.95 for the downloads after a $10 discount code through Twitter just 2 months ago. I even had to download a song again which was incomplete in the first download batch.
It is starting to make me not want to do any of my Misty workouts, all of which I had bought directly from Misty. Misty has already destroyed her customer base on VF ( with her false promises and fluctuating prices. It is sad because if done right, she would have created a huge demand for future workouts.

Anywho I did about 30 minutes of cardio on the bungee with Rapid Results and 2 week Cardio Turnaround then did some upper body with Tiffany Rothe. For the heck of it, I popped in my least favorite Nia Sanjana and when Debbie mentioned holding an invisible chiball, I picked up a chiball in each hand and really got into the workout!
Now I have to revisit all of my Nias with chiballs :)

Saturday, September 17, 2011


Similar to yesterdays's workout, did a couple of Rapid Results chapters on the bungee. Also used my sliding filler swords made from large Walmart bubble wands for the kickboxing. Then did some more Tiffany Rothe from youtube. She really is creative and her music awesome.

Started clearing away the workout corner of my basement in anticipation of a window replacement by our neighbor so I can get fresh air and sunshine down there. Not replacing our other two basement windows because one has our dryer vent in a pane and the other has drilled holes for our FIOS and electrical wires. The side of the house of the window with the drilled holes doesn't get sunshine anyway and I can open our side screened door for fresh air. Also may be having some wallpaper removed from the ceiling in our kitchen and a new ceiling light with a fan installed.

ETA: went on a 3 mile walk yesterday running errands

Friday, September 16, 2011

Zumba with Drumsticks video

Wish this class could become a dvd workout!

Billy Blanks Giveaway

Fitness for the Rest of Us is offering a chance to win the whole Billy Blanks PT 24/7 set.


This morning I did some 10 Minute Solution Rapid Results Fatburn on the bungee then some Tiffany Rothe youtube clips. Good moves in both but the Rothe music really makes her clips very special, besides having more unique moves.

Loving the cooler temps!!!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Thurs Revved to the Max

This morning I warmed up on the bungee to a dance workout then did some of Jari Love's *Revved to the Max* which was on youtube.
I tweaked it a bit to be mostly AWT with Fitstix and homemade heavier XCO trainers. Only did half the reps if that and skipped floor stuff.
I, especially, liked the Gorilla Walk led by Adam.

This clip has Adam and the Gorilla Walk about 2:50 into the clip

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


I walked over 30,000 paces Sunday through Tuesday and ate mostly healthy :)

This mornin I warmed up with a dance workout on the bungee which soon started to have to much fast complicated choreography for me then switched to a kickboxing and kettlebell workout which started out ok then got to more complicated combos than I like so wound up doing week 2 of Kettleworx Cardio and some Redefining Abs Training, an oldie but goodie.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

AC Diamond Lounge Enhancement Reviews

If anyone would like to leave a comment about a recent trip to a CET Diamond Lounge in Atlantic City, feel free to post about it. Hopefully, your comments will help other Diamond members decide where to eat, especially if under 25,000 tier points and having to pay $10 comp per person to enter. Please share which Diamond Lounge you experienced, date/day of the week and approximate time, table wait, service, food selection and quality, etc.

So far the Prime Ribs at Showboat on Saturdays have been a hit.

Ate at Harrah's Diamond Lounge Monday 9/12 at 3:00PM and it was greatly improved!
Food was much fresher, moist and tasty:
HUGE shrimp cocktail
Leg of Lamb carving
Baked fish
Baked breaded pork chops
nice Rice and soup

I was shocked when the pan of pork chops was completely removed and replaced with a fresher pan! Harrahs DL is listening and learning.

We went right in and got immediate service.
Main criticism is that they will only take one *free* coupon so the member still has to pay $10 comp for a guest. Also assume that dinnertime is still has a line to enter because most tables are roped off.

Saturday AC Summer Season Ends

I tried most of the Firm's Turbocharge workout this morning but made a huge mistake not having a Kettlebell handy. If I should revisit it, I will be sure to have a Kettlebell standing by next time. Overall, it had some new moves worth trying but I preferred yesterday's Denise Austin dvd. Some of the Turbo moves were good on the bungee. I finished with some Tiffany Rothe from youtube. Really like her warmup as a cooldown. Also liked some of Boxer Babe with Fitstix and may try it with my Shadowboxer belt eventually.

Will be taking a walking break the next few days which is much needed for my right shoulder and right knee. The summer season is officially over for Atlantic City and suddenly, we are receiving more offers, including comped rooms, more comp dollars and Diamond Lounge coupons from CET. Again, too little, too late because The Borgata didn't discard us during the summer season so will remain*Our Happy Place* and Home Away from Home. Thank you CET for enabling our Black Label upgrade which was really your only Diamond benefit so we could experience the differences. Cannot really think of one thing that any of the four CET properties does better than The Borgata in AC.

just read this article

Lifelong Health: Fat and Fitness Can Coexist With Right Habits

Friday, September 9, 2011

Friday new Denise Austin

Ever since Denise Austin dvds started offering a music only option, I have really enjoyed them. This morning I did her new Sculpt & Burn Body Blitz which includes 5 ten minute workouts and as well as a separate warmup and cooldown. The chapters can be chosen to play individually or in whichever order you want. I actually liked them all! Each had a special new move or two. Music wasn't exciting but still prefer no cuing. I did some chapters while doing a laundry in the basement, mostly with Fitstix then switched upstairs for the bungee and higher ceiling. Time flew and I sweated profusely.

You can try this through Blockbusters' free trial and lowered prices.
Offer ends 9/15

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Thurs Freytag 2 week Turnaround

This morning I did the whole 2 week Turnaround Strength dvd then the Power Walk from the Cardio dvd. The Strength used alot of balance and slow moves which worked well with the bungee and a band. Used XCOs with the Cardio on the bungee. Also used the music only option for the cardio.

Yesterday I burned some downloads I had edited onto a new Maxwell dvd+r from Walmart and was disappointed it didn't play well in the Play Station2 but at least, it was compatible with my cheap Craig dvd player from RiteAid. Previously, I had only used Sony dvdrs for burning and since the PS2 is made by Sony, it may be just more compatible with Sony dvdrs or my editing was just too weird for the PS2. Was going to return the dvdrs to Walmart but then decided I should just use my Craig dvd player and perhaps get another for the living room if switching it around becomes a bother. What I save on the dvdrs through Walmart ordered online will cover the cost of 2 more dvd players. Plus a dvd player has options that the PS2 doesn't.

ETA: Think I just have to avoid editing in subtitles for my downloads to work on the PS2.
The Maxwell dvd+rs are fine otherwise.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Weds Tiffany Rothe WOW

This morning I did several songs from Christi Taylors' youtube clips on the bungee which had great music without verbal cuing and simple moves to tweak for the bungee. She has been adding ~3 a day.

Then I tried a new instructor Tiffany Rothe whose clips are available on youtube.
She has lots of unique moves and is very likeable.
Here is the last clip I did this morning that uses a rolled yoga mat as a prop but I substituted my Danskin balloon roller which worked perfectly.

It was really simple to put my laptop on the rolling cabinet I *adopted* from our neighbor. I may hold off burning the Christi routines till I am sure she is done uploading.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Tuesday Results Fitness Boost Metabolism

I had rented Results Fitness Boost Metabolism quite awhile ago and finally found the dvd cheap at a thrift store yesterday. I did most of it this morning on the bungee, substituting a band for the dumb bells. Liked most of the cardio and strength moves enough to revisit it again. Finished with the rest of Soul Sweat, again not clicking with anything but the music.

Should have picked up every dvd at the thrift store that caught my eye cuz they were 50% off for the holiday but only got that one and Two Week Turnaround Strength since I already have Two Week Turnaround Cardio and have been compulsive about owning *sets*.

Our neighbor put a decent looking tv table with a cabinet outside for trash so we *adopted* it. It is perfect for holding my bungee workouts now that the bungee is located in our living room. I can also use it as a stand for my laptop if I want to use something from the internet or hard drive on the bungee.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Christi Taylor on youtube

If you want to try something like Zumba with great music,
try the ChristiTaylorFIT channel on youtube

Monday and revisiting many

This morning I did the rest of Bounce Camp and used a band for the dumb bell stuff. I actually like the strength moves that are challenging when trying to balance on the bungee. Also like the floor abs on the bungee much more than the floor. The workout may be short on cardio but is a nice circuit workout.
Then I did a few more songs from Soul Sweat while holding a chiball in each hand. Both Planet Motion and Misty's series seem to have some similar moves to Soul Sweat but I seem to have more trouble following Soul Sweat's choreo because the moves feel rushed and awkward to me which prevents me from really getting into the movements.
Finished with the Chiball Awaken the Dragon and Dance of the Dragon chapters from practice 2 which was just 10 minutes but felt it in the Abs alot.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Sunday Revisiting Bounce Camp

This morning I did the warmup and first circuit from Bounce Camp wearing shoes since they do. I tried to modify minimally to get more of a feel for its intensity. Sometimes the cardio got pretty intense but I could do about 85% of it without modifying. It does get quite intense if you focus on pushing into the mat with feet, pumping the lower body as suggested. Again, the thing that bothers me most about this workout is the cardio is at the end of each circuit with no way of skipping right to it. IMHO the rebounder is intended for cardio more than strength so would have preferred more cardio with chaptering or a premix that was cardio heavy.
Next I revisited the Firm workout that uses weighted balls with straps for AWT with an emphasis on the core but I used my light kettlebells instead. I really felt some of the moves, maybe because of some DOMS.
Finished with a couple of songs from Soul Sweat while holding chiballs to focus more on the upper body. Something about this workout doesn't click for me in spite of its beautiful music and Nia-like moves. Some moves feel rushed and awkward but doing them halftime with more of an upper body focus makes it feel *Just Right*.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Saturday Kettleworx Virgin Voyage

Came back from AC losing a pound since we walked alot and I ate more carefully (more veggies and minimal desserts). I was more diligent because I noticed I would gain alittle after AC trips.

This morning I did the Cardio/Lower Body premix from Circuit Burn on the bungee then week one of Kettleworx Cardio and the standing part of week 1 Fast Abs. Finished with the first song from Soul Sweat which felt like new since I haven't done it in a long time.
I like Kettleworx! The segments are short and very do-able, not endless kettlebell swings like other kettlebell workouts. Only downer is that it doesn't let you skip to the next move in its chaptering. Will be getting very tired of its warmup when not fast forwarding through it! Also it doesn't play in the PS2 so I had to do it downstairs in the basement with less head room with my dvd player that plays everything.

In a way, it was a good thing that Kettleworx didn't work in the PS2. Since I was switching to the basement, I decided to do a laundry. I have been being very careful when doing a laundry since a bathroom rug fell apart in the washing machine a couple of weeks ago. Sure enough, our sink that drains the water from the washing machine seemed clogged. Luckily, I plunged it and got the gob of rug remnants out

Friday, September 2, 2011

another chiball clip

Did a load of walking cuz beautiful weather the past few days in AC.
We had been worried about friends of ours who always get flooding headaches and lo and behold, the friend was on CNN this morning and seemed fine. His crazy neighbor swam out of their neighborhood!