Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Michael King Chair

This morning I did my edited version of the Cardio Ball Blast from jessicasmithtv then some of Michael King's *Take a Seat*.  The first segment of Michael King's chair routine is about the best chair routine I have ever tried.  It was simply delicious.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Zero to 60

This morning I did an old dvd workout which is a great AWT routine:
Sharon Twombly's Zero to 60

I did this one a couple of years ago before I started adding music and it had great music. Always meant to revisit it but just forgot about it till yesterday.  Just wish it offered a music louder option even though her cuing is helpful.  Most of the combos are fun and with alittle tweaking, most worked on the 550 bungee with Fitstix.  The music is on the Dynamix Radio Hits #9 CD.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Yin, Jess, and Scott

First I did this Yin trampoline cardio:

Trampoline cardio from Yin The Zone Exclusive on Vimeo.

I liked her music but found most of the moves iffy and not really my thing.

Then I revisited the jessicasmithtv Fusion Band routine to which I had added Amazon MUsic:

JS Fusion Band free MU by POMBarb

Last but not least was a wonderful hip, knee and ankle Ageless Mobility routine by Scott Sonnan:

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Meghan Henderson

Today included various routines all by Meghan Henderson who likes to use good MUsic but sometimes I replace her audio if the cuing bothers me.  I also remove all moves not done in an upright position.

Friday, July 25, 2014

You Tube Vids

Everything I did this morning came from youtube except I did edit each of the routines to remove moves and add MUsic.

First I did some a dance routine then a nice Swiss ball lower body routine then Shaun T's July 4th routine and finished with a PopSugar Cardio Pilates routine.

The dance routine was Meghan Henderson's YOLO Dance:
I used most of the same songs but replaced the audio to be MUsic only.

The Swiss Ball routine was an edited version of Ali Kamenova's:
but I used a purple Zumba stick for the holding moves and eliminated moves I did not want to do when adding MUsic.

You can find Shaun T's routine at
(of course it is much better with blasting MUsic IMHO)

and PopSugar's at
(after editing this was a 4 minute routine LOL)

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Beautiful Morning

It is much more comfortable today with lower humidity and even more beautiful because minimal twinging.  My hip problem is 99% resolved :)

No twinges interfered with this morning workout.  First I did some of Baladea Power with a band then I did a few edited Benner Fit routines on the bungee with Fitstix then a few short Yin the Zone routines with some unique moves and finished with some of Michael King's Pilates Flow which was simply wonderful.  So wonderful that I must add MUsic to Michael King's Pilates Flow to make it even more wonderful LOL

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Denise Austin

This morning I enjoyed two edited Denise Austin routines: Cardio Dance and Cardio Abs

Denise is easy to follow and I prefer following her with music only :)

My hip injury continues to improve.  In fact, I can live with it indefinitely where it is right now.

Lipitor Ceasing Update
I am thrilled to report that my energy level has stayed constant without brain fog for 4 days in a row since stopping Lipitor.  My knees are no longer stiff in the morning as well as no more morning headache. In addition to the recent problematic hip, I still have lingering joint and muscle twinges which I hope will eventually disappear.

I just did some of this while sitting on a chair with an imaginary kayak oar and really enjoyed it!

Rafting MU by POMBarb

original without added music
(you can play any music you prefer)

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Happy Happy Joy Joy

I was thrilled to feel my hip problem 90% resolved this morning! I was still cautious when working out and could do so much more this morning than I could yesterday.  First I did my edited version of Meghan Henderson's Boxing routine on the bungee while wearing Billy's PT24/7 boxing gloves attached to one another with a band then switched to Fitstix.
My version was cutdown to 36 minutes and had great MUsic added.

Then I did Michael King's chiball routine with the mat moves removed.
Finished with some Baladea Flow which I also enjoyed.

Very Happy Camper this morning.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Working Out with an Injury

My right hip/lower back was injured yesterday so this morning's workout was done cautiously.  Most moves did not hurt if I sucked my abs in and up.  Actually the twinges reminded me to do so.
Gentle healthbouncing on the bungee and ball were fine as a warmup.
Next was some jessicasmithtv barre lower body which seemed to actually help the injured area.
Last but not least, I tried some of a slow moving chiball routine by Michael King which really produced sweat:

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Still MUving

Almost caught a cold but think the Hydrogen Peroxide in the ears nipped it in the bud.
This morning I did my edited version of Baladea Slim and lurved it but then while looking for something under a bed, I wretched my right hip badly.  I did the Arnica gel, Tylenol and Sacrowedgy routine but it may take a few days for it to fully heal.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

One Week Lipitor Free

After stopping Lipitor one week ago, I woke up this morning feeling 20 years younger!
Tons more energy
Morning headache gone
Brain fog gone
Hot Flashes gone
Stiff knees gone
Lower limb and hand numbness gone
A couple of pounds gone
Depression gone

There is a trade off though, now that my lower limbs are no longer numb, I do feel more twinges in my feet LOL
Hopefully, CoQ10, Calcium, Vit D and Magnesium will help rebuild my nerve pathways and weakened connective tissue.

Anywho, I did some edited Meghan Henderson routines:
I like when a move is repeated alot so I can get into my MUsic and that seems to be Meghan's style.  She even repeats all of the moves with decent music in some of her videos.

Then I did the Wheelchair routine I uploaded yesterday which worked well sitting on a stability ball.  However, I did get a twinge in my shoulder but Arnica gel immediately resolved it.  I do not understand why some people prone to injury do not try this miraculous cure.  It is definitely the one fitness item I would take to a deserted island and I never leave home without it.  I first heard about Arnica gel from a UK TaeBo buddy over 10 years ago. So glad I listened and wish I had known about Arnica gel decades ago.  Would have saved me months of unnecessary suffering as well as visits to various chiropractors, doctors, ERs, and physical therapy.  It took awhile to convince my husband but he has become a believer as well.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Edited Baladea Boost

This morning I did an edited version of Baladea Boost and lurved it!  I had removed the moves I prefer to skip and chose really neat MUsic.  Then I did some of the edited jessicasmithtv Armed and Dangerous but found it rather routine in spite of the MUsic added. Finished with some of Baladea Flow also edited to keep just the moves I like to do.

I found a wheel chair routine which may work well sitting on a stability ball:
It even has decent MUsic :)
and another

I am definitely done with Lipitor.  I have less numbing in my lower limbs and hands plus my knees were not stiff this morning!  I also mysteriously dropped a couple of pounds so I think inhibiting CoQ10 disrupted weightloss probably because it works against the benefits of exercise.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Still Revisiting JS

I am still revisiting edited jessicasmithtv files doing about 30 minutes on the bungee and 15 minutes on the stability ball.  There are many stability ball routines on youtube but very few take advantage of just sitting on the ball and bouncing while using the upper body for higher intensity cardio.  I have no trouble continuing to sweat when I switch to the ball and it gives my feet a needed rest while continuing to pump lymph. Lots of lower body moves like squats and pilies can be done on the ball without aggravating the lower body joints (knees, ankles or feet) while loading all of the action into the thighs and butt.   Almost any routine can be done sitting on a stability ball or chair with alittle tweaking.  However, the stability ball is more fun.  If bouncing on a ball, only use weightless isometrics, light weights or bands because of the G Force.

Here's some samples:

Ball Bouncin to Jessica by POMBarb

Ball Spark Sample by POMBarb

Also check this out
Poundfit explains why MUsic helps us to move:

There are so many mornings I think I am not going to get into a workout then the MUsic starts pumping and BAM!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Life is Good again

What a difference a day makes!

Yesterday I doubted I was on the right track stopping Lipitor several days ago because of brain fog, dizziness, and numbness from my feet through my thighs.  This morning, the fog has lifted and I feel circulation returning to my limbs and hands.  My workout (edited jessicasmithtv files) zoomed by.  I actually felt like I could workout for hours instead of watching the clock.

I really need to give thanks to my son who refused to go on a statin and got his numbers good through healthy eating and exercise.  His stubbornness and success motivated me do some research.  What I uncovered was quite shocking especially for post menopausal women.

Here's one of the Barefoot Dancer episodes which makes a great spark

Barefoot Dancer22 Child by POMBarb.

You can access them all on DailyMotion by right clicking on the DailyMotion lower right corner.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Jessica's Body Types

This morning I revisited some edited body type routines by Jessica Smith.  I enjoyed all of the moves I kept plus the MUsic I added for the Apple, Hourglass, and Pear routines.

I decided to stop fooling around and just stop taking Lipitor.
Even if it isn't responsible for some of my undesirable symptoms,  I just see no point in taking it as an older woman with no other cardiac risk factors just to make my doctor happy.

Just returned from an eye exam and lucky me, no glaucoma or macular degeneration like my sister but did have the start of cataracts which reinforces my determination to stop Lipitor.

I just did this MUVE chair routine as a spark in front of my laptop:

Monday, July 14, 2014

Great Spark and Crosstraining

I just did this unique routine by Jessica Smith:

Actually this workout can become 2 sparks because of its length.
It had alot of unique moves so great crosstraining.
(Think I may try it in a hotel room too since I need the cuing)

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Jessicasmithtv Donation

This morning I was very dizzy but once I started MUving with Jessica, I felt much better.
Since Jessica kept me MUving this whole stressful week, I decided it was time for another donation to her wonderful youtube channel.

So I went to
and made a donation.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Still MUving with Jessica

This morning I did some more edited jessicasmithtv routines.  I had previously uploaded a couple of these routines which had *free* music to my DailyMotion Channel:

For example, I did this one yesterday:

JS Beginner MU by POMBarb

and did this one this morning but redone with even newer MUsic than what was uploaded here:

JS Cardio Blast Redone by POMBarb

Just try any routine you like with MUsic of your own choice.  Changing the music can make a huge difference.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

More jessicasmithtv

Still revisiting edited jessicasmithtv and finding it hard to stop and try other new stuff!

No yellow jacket bodies, live outside or dead inside :)

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

MUving with jessicasmithtv

I think the Yellow Jackets are gone thanks to luckily picking a good exterminator: A-Apache
I called their Westfield area phone number found in the Yellow pages.
They are also on Angie's List!

The nest was actually in our wall and still a small colony.  None have entered our home since the treatment but there still may be some returning workers hanging around for up to 2 weeks outside. If no activity seen around then, we can then remove the materials sealing off the air conditioner and its frame.   There's a 6 month guarantee if we have anymore unwanted visitors.
(ETA: not a single yellow jacket seen outside near the air conditioner after always having a couple going in or out yesterday)

So I continued with my revisit of some edited files from jessicasmithtv including the second half of Quiet Cardio then some of  her Beginner and Prenatal routines.    It is very easy for me to tweak these simple routines to make them more fun when MUving (Moving to the MUsic I added).  I used my bungee, stability ball, and dowel.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Yellow Jackets!!!!

Yesterday we saw what looked like a small dead bee on our den window sill.  This morning there were two more!  We checked outside and saw 2 fly into the vent of our den wall air conditioner.  Meanwhile, another two were in the den before I shut the ac off and closed the flap where the air comes in which I hope will keep them outside.

So I started calling exterminators LOL
One exterminator said it was probably Yellow Jackets and explained what they can do and are coming late this afternoon to hopefully get rid of them.  Meanwhile, I am a nervous wreck because I am allergic to their stings.

So I turned to dear Jessica Smith for comfort.  I did her edited Dance Walk on the bungee then some of her edited Quiet Cardio on the ball.  Both were great!

Here's the original Dance Walk:

Monday, July 7, 2014

More Arnita Champion

This morning I did more edited Arnita Champion video files on the bungee then the ball with Fitstix then the bungee again.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Arnita Champion and Benner Fit

I tried 2 youtube users this morning and liked them both!
I started with a rebounding routine by Arnita Champion to which I had added MUsic then I did some unedited Benner Fit downloads.  I will be adding MUsic to some Benner Fit routines!

Arnita Champion is easy to follow so I didn't hesitate to replace her audio.  Her current rebounder routines are on an Urban Rebounder but she recently got a small Bellicon.  Too bad she didn't get a larger and cheaper Jumpsport 550 instead.

Arnita Champion videos:

Benner Fit has alittle something for everyone. Some routines are fine with the cuing but others would be better with real MUsic blasting after the moves are introduced.

Benner Fit videos:

Another youtube user who I will be trying is Meghan Henderson

Meghan introduces all of her moves then switches to music only in her more current routines.  Many of the tunes she uses, I use when replacing audio!

Saturday, July 5, 2014

A Good Day

Though my joints were stiff when I first got up, there aren't any acute twinges going on.  Also I had alot of energy and very little brain fog.   This morning I visited the two Cindy Whitmarsh 10 Days to a Better Body routines.  I enjoyed the Oldies soundtracks I had added so much that I will be making MP3 files of them!

Friday, July 4, 2014

Good Online Routines

I did a few edited online routines this morning, mostly on the rebounder and ball and will share the originals:

First was

as well as

then my own routine

(you can hit the stability with your hand instead of a stick)

Finished with

using Billy's Gloves with a band from PT 24/7

ETA:  I just did a spark with another one of my routines on youtube but in my den on the 370.  My son and I figured out how to play youtube videos on the Vizio TV with internet apps by using my laptop.  After pairing the devices on youtube, I can play the video on my laptop and use the TV as my viewer with no wires.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Jess and Ellen

This morning, I did my edited version of the jessicasmithtv new Quiet Cardio.  It had alot of nice moves and I will revisit it in my bedroom or AC for sparks because it didn't really need a bungee or ball.  Then I did some of Ellen's Sleek Sculpt Express.  Ellen's format is to do one sided moves on just one side for the first half then the other side during the second half so I just do half as many reps and switch sides, doing just half of the routine a visit.

Still questioning whether I will continue to use Lipitor after having a cramp in my calf this morning and generalized aches during the night.  If I have another similar episode, I may switch to two days off inbetween Lipitor doses and see how that affects my feeling of wellbeing.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014


Seems like CoQ10 100mg twice a day can handle the 20mg of Lipitor every other day.  I started this combination Monday night and have now had 2 mornings without brain fog.  Plus my energy level stayed consistent all day yesterday.  For those who are searching for a decent price, I got mine at

They give a 10% discount to the first order from a new email sign up and have various shipping and sale offers.  I didn't want to recommend this vendor till I tested their product first.  Most doctors suggest getting the cheapest CoQ10 cuz the more expensive formulas are not necessary.

It is important to eat with these pills because CoQ10 is fat soluble and will metabolize better if taken with food and Lipitor's half-life is extended with food.

This morning I did an edited Billy Blanks PT24/7 and moved to the beat of my MUsic on the bungee while wearing the gloves connected to one another with one band.  Really enjoyed the routine then did some edited Denise Austin and the inner thigh routine from jessicasmithtv.  Finished with this routine which I enjoyed as a cooldown:

Stay cool but keep MUving

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Fausto Murillo Turbosteps

This morning I visited some more edited Turbosteps with Fausto Murillo and really enjoyed his simple moves  with my music on the bungee and ball.  He uses very little space so his cardio is rebounder friendly.

This was one of several I had edited:

and another

There are hundreds of nice routines online in foreign languages that become really great after replacing the audio.  I have tried to contact most of these users for permission to share their routines with my music but haven't received a response probably because of the language barrier.

Here are some of the Foreign Language users I really like:
Turbosteps  Fausto Murillo


WellShaped.TV Manuel