Friday, July 18, 2014

Edited Baladea Boost

This morning I did an edited version of Baladea Boost and lurved it!  I had removed the moves I prefer to skip and chose really neat MUsic.  Then I did some of the edited jessicasmithtv Armed and Dangerous but found it rather routine in spite of the MUsic added. Finished with some of Baladea Flow also edited to keep just the moves I like to do.

I found a wheel chair routine which may work well sitting on a stability ball:
It even has decent MUsic :)
and another

I am definitely done with Lipitor.  I have less numbing in my lower limbs and hands plus my knees were not stiff this morning!  I also mysteriously dropped a couple of pounds so I think inhibiting CoQ10 disrupted weightloss probably because it works against the benefits of exercise.

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