Friday, July 25, 2014

You Tube Vids

Everything I did this morning came from youtube except I did edit each of the routines to remove moves and add MUsic.

First I did some a dance routine then a nice Swiss ball lower body routine then Shaun T's July 4th routine and finished with a PopSugar Cardio Pilates routine.

The dance routine was Meghan Henderson's YOLO Dance:
I used most of the same songs but replaced the audio to be MUsic only.

The Swiss Ball routine was an edited version of Ali Kamenova's:
but I used a purple Zumba stick for the holding moves and eliminated moves I did not want to do when adding MUsic.

You can find Shaun T's routine at
(of course it is much better with blasting MUsic IMHO)

and PopSugar's at
(after editing this was a 4 minute routine LOL)

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