Saturday, July 19, 2014

One Week Lipitor Free

After stopping Lipitor one week ago, I woke up this morning feeling 20 years younger!
Tons more energy
Morning headache gone
Brain fog gone
Hot Flashes gone
Stiff knees gone
Lower limb and hand numbness gone
A couple of pounds gone
Depression gone

There is a trade off though, now that my lower limbs are no longer numb, I do feel more twinges in my feet LOL
Hopefully, CoQ10, Calcium, Vit D and Magnesium will help rebuild my nerve pathways and weakened connective tissue.

Anywho, I did some edited Meghan Henderson routines:
I like when a move is repeated alot so I can get into my MUsic and that seems to be Meghan's style.  She even repeats all of the moves with decent music in some of her videos.

Then I did the Wheelchair routine I uploaded yesterday which worked well sitting on a stability ball.  However, I did get a twinge in my shoulder but Arnica gel immediately resolved it.  I do not understand why some people prone to injury do not try this miraculous cure.  It is definitely the one fitness item I would take to a deserted island and I never leave home without it.  I first heard about Arnica gel from a UK TaeBo buddy over 10 years ago. So glad I listened and wish I had known about Arnica gel decades ago.  Would have saved me months of unnecessary suffering as well as visits to various chiropractors, doctors, ERs, and physical therapy.  It took awhile to convince my husband but he has become a believer as well.

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