Thursday, September 29, 2016

The Emperor is Naked

Polls are coming in and Clinton is taking a comfortable lead in the battleground states.

Trump still believes he won the debate. LOL
Doubles down on the Miss Universe weight problem.
Thinks he has to attack Hillary for Bill's indiscretions which will make even more women vote for Clinton.

The Man-Child needs new clothes!

More naked than ever attacking Miss Universe for sex videos without evidence
while his Empress was wearing no clothes often when modeling.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

The past 30 years,

The past 30 years, Hillary has been a public servant and devoted to helping families.  She did not control the Congress and fought for 10 years to get medical help for the 9/11 first responders. Flint is still trying to get support from the Congress after a GOP governor caused their water crisis.  People want change?  Then change the Congress.

Donald for the past 30 years evaded income tax and cheated people.
The real GOP plan is to keep control of Congress, impeach Donald who is obviously mentally unfit and have Pence control the future Supreme Court nominations.

So the young people who waste their vote will see the tea party and religious right controlling everything.
Gay marriage banned in many states
Climate Change ignored
no federal gun restrictions
the rich will get richer while everyone else will struggle to pay for medical insurance and college.

It is up to the young vote to decide what kind of America they want.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Trump Choked

Trump loves to call everyone else *losers*.
Last night he was a huge LOSER.

He choked Big League, believe me.
He drank more water than little Marco.
Also snorted like the pig he is.

He believes his temperament is a *winning* temperament.
That is not the temperament of a President but the temperament of a bully.
He never apologizes or admits to a mistake.
Diplomacy is not in his dictionary.
Nothing presidential here.

Now as he tries to defend himself in post debate interviews and tweets, he is making his image worse and worse and even less presidential.  He may not lose the support of his Deplorables but anyone voting for him has to see the emperor is wearing no clothes.

just a small summary of the naked Trump:
His new Washington DC hotel contains mostly items imported from China in spite of his criticism about trade deals with China.
Holt asked Trump twice how he would bring businesses back to the USA and never got an answer. Trump, himself, is continuing to produce Trump products overseas as well as import products used in his businesses.
(stock markets around the world went up as Trump choked)

He has nothing to say to the people who want him to own his birtherism.
Declaring bankruptcy was good business.
He is smart so does not have to pay any income tax.
His tax plan will increase the Trump family estate by an estimate of 10 billion dollars.
His son boasted about money pouring in from Russia and Trump disrespectfully supported Putin as a better leader than Obama.  He also does not believe Russia hacked the DNC, etc.  He wants our allies to pay us for protection.
His foundation has not received a contribution from him since 2008 and has made a political donation  for which he received an IRS fine and made donations to cover law suit settlements.
He tweeted clearly that there is no Climate Change and blames China for making it an issue.
He criticized the Clinton campaign for its negative ads about him but Trump has used hate rhetoric to the point of suggesting the incarceration and even assassination of Clinton at his rallies.  He regrets not bringing up Bill's infidelity (people in glass houses should not throw stones or in this case boulders)

The list of lies goes on and on.
Bottomline, this narcissist does not have the judgement and temperament to be the next POTUS.
He never did anything for anyone unless it meant more $$ for him.
Winning the best end of any deal was all that mattered.
He is a sociopath with no conscience or moral compass.
He is Deplorable and anyone who votes for him is deplorable.
(the last mass shooting was by someone who had Nazis paraphernalia)

Monday, September 26, 2016

Laundry Day

Today being a laundry day, it was back to the basement and the hexagon bungee.  I did two edited Bellicon/Behome routines then some of TA classes.  First 15 minutes on the hexagon and then 15 minutes on a large stability ball and finished on a swivel chair.

Tonight is the first POTUS debate.   I hope Trump gets exposed as the liar and bully that he was and is and people do not waste a vote on Johnson.

Friday, September 23, 2016

Quick Update

I am starting a check-in document for my own use so I can track what I would like to revisit.  Plus I started a new album on VK to track my daily workouts.  I also decided to make my VK content more private and avoid posting on my public profile wall to stop stalkers from friending my friends.

Today I did an edit of a German youtube video with Manuel then started a revisit of Joyful Movement Cardio.  The music I added and Manuel's simple moves really got me bouncing.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Why I Exercise Part 2

Several years ago, I wrote this blog post about why I exercise:

Because of the nastiness of the orange alien and his cohorts and the constant reminder of how nasty people can be online and in real life, I was teetering on the edge of the hole of depression.

Because of upcoming reunions and hearing from old friends, other negative thoughts were re-triggered.  I have two adult sons who will probably never marry or have children so I will never be a grandmother.  Because of these thoughts, I started falling into that hole of depression.
Thankfully, this morning's workout (an edit of a Sue Grant Older Wiser and Wonderful routine), I bounced right out of that hole and my mood did a 180.  I hope that my attempt to share workout videos with pumping music can produce similar results for others who are feeling doubtful about their lives.  I hope my efforts bring alittle sunshine to someone whose internal weather is feeling cloudy.  The Sun will come out tomorrow, if not today.

Saturday, September 17, 2016

People and Baskets

I am not sure what makes me a chronic people pleaser.
All I know is that it makes me happier to see other people happier.

After being hurt quite a few times in real life and online by people who seem to have an opposite personality trait, I have learned to be a bit more careful but still give too much time and energy to the wrong people now and then.  It is even more upsetting when I see someone else being hurt because I understand their pain.

Just look at the supporters of our POTUS nominees to see how there are two large baskets of people.  One basket has people who thrive on hurting others or do not care if others get hurt.
What is most upsetting about this election is that the basket of nastier people may outweigh the basket of decent people.

I have seen what mob mentality can do and fear for the future of the USA and the world.

(this morning I needed some kickboxing so started revisiting the Keli Roberts ShadowBoxer belt routines)

After watching a few Black Trump surrogates spew Trump BS, I am wondering how in the world do these educated Black people drink Trump's cool-aide.  It started with Dr. Carson in spite of many White Republicans who will not endorse Trump because of his hateful rhetoric.  I even saw a Muslim woman who supports Trump.  How blind and deaf are these people to be so dumb?

The more I see the ignorance displayed by Trump, his surrogates, and his fans, the more I know I can never accept any of them in my life.  I cannot respect or tolerate any of them. He is offering our country NOTHING but hate and lies.   He is a domestic terrorist. There is a civil war being ignited in this country that will escalate probably for the rest of my life.   

Thursday, September 15, 2016



Image result for see no evil speak no evil monkeys

However, it is sickening to think there are so many from these Trump baskets who may be voting.

As far as Trump's health results:  his blood sugar was 99 which is the highest end of the normal range.  Considering he is overweight, eats lots of fast foods, takes a statin, and does not exercise regularly, his doctor should be following him for diabetes.  I am curious what his Hemoglobin A1C and Triglycerides are.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

The Jerk

(no this post is not about the orange alien LOL)

This morning I revisited Gospel Live from the Body Gospel series, having done it only once or twice years ago.  One of the moves is an old dance move called the Jerk which was very popular when I was in my teens.  This move triggered an old pleasant memory.

I grew up next door to my grandparents who were Orthodox Jews.
My grandfather attended my Sweet 16 party and was walking through as my friends and I were doing The Jerk.  He was absolutely adorable in his reaction.  I do not know ho was more amused, my friends or my grandfather!

Monday, September 12, 2016

Statins and Women

Most doctors do not hesitate to put women with a high cholesterol level on a statin.
Statin studies have been very biased and show very little if any real benefit for women.  They do cause a variety of adverse reactions.  I have reversed most of the adverse reactions from Lipitor but unfortunately am left with chronic peripheral neuropathy and tinnitus.  My doctor insisted on keeping me on a statin in spite of my complaints and symptoms.

Each person on a statin is earning money for the pharmaceutical company, labs and doctors with extra visits to monitor the cholesterol level and liver function.  I paid to become unhealthier.  If I had not continued to workout regularly, I probably would have been in a wheel chair by now if I had continued taking Lipitor.

I am one year younger than Hillary Clinton.
No way could I match her stamina even though friends who have watched my videos think I am much younger.
(I am hoping Hillary is not on a statin)

Thursday, September 8, 2016


Last night, the candidates were supposed to show their Commander-in-Chief qualities without attacking their opponent (or keeping attacks at a minimum).  Trump behaved like his only quality for a Commander-in-Chief was to attack Obama and Clinton for anything and everything, real or imagined.

He double-downed on a few of his most ridiculous tweets last night.
Believes he knows more about Isis than the generals
(Obama's generals that is)
Believes sexual assaults were the expected result of women serving in the armed forces.

His reaction to his two intelligence briefings was that the people briefing him definitely believed that Obama did not do the right thing.  This shows that he is incapable of professionally processing sensitive material.  He was given this material to demonstrate how complex the position can be.  Instead, he only saw the information to be used as a weapon against Obama.

He praised Putin as the better leader.

He was speaking in front of an audience of veterans and he showed nothing but disdain for our Armed Forces and its leadership.
He was treasonous and unpatriotic.

Hillary has owned her mistakes.
Trump never owns his mistakes.

If Trump were ever investigated like Hillary has been, he would be in prison.
He will NEVER release his tax returns.

What I just cannot comprehend are the people who do not realize just how incapable this creep is and how his behavior is making the USA worse than it ever was.
US Banks will not give him loans.
Any business partners he ever had were screwed.
Just look at the people who are his advisers and will be influencing him.
Just look at what the rest of the world thinks of him.

Just look at how he treats people who do not praise him.
Diplomacy will never be a quality of his.

Trump sees the world in Black and White.
Anything and Everything Real or Imagined must be used to attack Obama and Clinton.

What happens when the campaigns are over?
Most of us live in the gray world of compromise and reality.
Our gray will be much blacker thanks to this creep.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

The Issues

Majority of Americans do not want the Wall.

Majority of Americans want more gun laws.

Majority of Americans are OK with gay marriage.

Majority of Americans worry about Climate Change.

Why vote for Trump or the GOP?

Oy Vey

What you see is what he always was and always will be:

He is totally a narcissist, sociopath, and bully.
A pathological liar and conman who needs to be the center of attention and on the winning end of every deal and relationship, no matter whom he destroys in the process.
No conscience.
No remorse.

He is dividing America with fear, hate and distrust.
This is not making America great again but making a great America not as great.
I, myself, have been stressed and lost sleep because of this creep and his surrogates.

How any rational human being can support him is just beyond my comprehension.

What do we have to lose?
(we have already lost enough because of this creep)

Monday, September 5, 2016

Atlantic City and Politics

We have been going to Atlantic City regularly since pregnant with our first son and Resorts was the first and only casino hotel.  Back then we would take a bus trip which included a voucher to go into a huge ballroom and get a free deli sandwich and sides.
I also enjoyed the food court at the ship mall on the boardwalk.
New casino hotels and restaurants sprouted.
We enjoyed the Trump casino hotels, the Hilton, and the Caesar/Harrah chain.
Saw lots of changes good and bad as far as what comps were being offered.

The Borgata was intimidating and confusing to me so the $5 comp minimum to be earned in a day was not appealing for short trips.  Finally gave them a real try after upgrading to their Black Label with our Harrahs Diamond status.

Previously we also enjoyed Chairman status at the Trump hotels but their buffet and Chairman clubs were unreliable in their service in comparison to the the Harrahs/Caesars options.  We did during those years make the mistake of investing and buying stock in the Trump casino brand.  Trump declared bankruptcies when the rest of Atlantic City was flourishing.  His casino hotels could have done many things to stay competitive with the Harrahs/Caesars group and The Borgata.

As the Harrahs/Caesar brand became less appealing because of changes in their comp system, we started staying and playing regularly at the Borgata.  Meanwhile, other casino hotels we liked to visit, especially Showboat, started closing. Then the Borgata started making some changes which made us lose interest in schlepping to AC altogether so we could no longer sustain the Black Label status.  We gave up alot of extra benefits which made the trips less appealing.  However, chasing these benefits started making the trips feel like a job instead of entertainment.

After our last two trips, I am fine with visiting the Borgata less often and still enjoying the visits.  I have been quite lucky there, usually winning a few bucks and my husband hit a nice Bingo jackpot on his birthday and still enjoys their racebook which is the only one in town.  We enjoy the BOGO buffet and free parking at the Golden Nugget and are discovering some great food choice in the new Borgata food court. (Trips to me always was about food LOL).

If we do not like the changes at the Borgata in the future, we may give the Golden Nugget more action if still in business.  Life in Atlantic city goes on.

Lets compare business and politics and ignore personalities.
As much as Trump destroyed his AC brand, Revel was the absolute worse disaster for AC.  It demonstrated what happens when people who do not have a clue about running a casino resort waste billions of dollars.    Same could be true about hiring such a person without any governing experience to be POTUS  and wasting billions of tax dollars.   This Mexican wall is an unrealistic economic disaster and the only real focus that Trump seems to have.

Clinton is experienced and understands what can be done and what cannot be done as far as government.  She is more like the Borgata.
Her ideology is much more in line with my own.
(specifically equal rights, gun laws and climate change)
She may make some changes to keep the US in business but is not making a bunch of unrealistic empty promises that would end in the bankruptcy of the US.
This is a gamble the US citizens cannot afford.

What do we have to lose with Trump?

Sunday, September 4, 2016

The Emails

Hillary Clinton has admitted it was a mistake to have a private email server and has apologized for this bad decision.

The FBI found it careless but no criminal activity and the Justice Department decided not to prosecute.

There was no evidence that the private email server was hacked.
(government websites have been hacked)

How about moving on instead of boring the public with these boring emails??????

(I cannot remember anything about even 1% of my emails but wish I could forget many of Trump's horrible Tweets)

Trump's *Friends* or *Fiends*

Trump has said his friends are just people he meets through business.
The Trumps do not go out for dinner with another couple like most other couples do.

His *Friends* are mostly *Fiends*.
His *good friends of many years* have a history of sexual harassment and even pedophilia.
His campaign is filled with people who have racist views and others who have ties to Russia.
His surrogates are nasty and lie.

It is said he usually listens to the last person who has his ear.
If he were POTUS,
imagine what his cabinet would look like.

His only focus is winning,
always getting the best end of every deal and relationship.
Almost all are subjected to confidentiality agreements and law suit threats.

He has no ideology, no religion, and no conscience.
Any hint of the above is in a scripted speech,
not in his heart.
He has no heart.

Trump latest Fiend:

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Trump Philosophy 101

Repeat a lie often enough and people will believe it.

Never apologize or admit to doing any wrong.

Replace Political Correctness with Bullying.

Do whatever and say whatever to get media coverage, good or bad.
(then complain about the bad without owning the negative behavior.)

Counter punch and threaten to sue anyone who says anything negative.
(Only Trump and his surrogates have freedom of speech)

To speak from his heart, he needs to read a script
because he has no heart.
His whole life has been doing whatever benefits him without a conscience.

Trump Economics 103

Trump's biggest claim is being a successful businessman and providing lots of jobs.

He refuses to release his tax returns.
He declared many bankruptcies.
His products are manufactured in other countries.
He used undocumented labor in construction.
He imports employees for his hotels and golf courses.
He does everything he can to pay minimal salaries and taxes.
(He has not even paid top staffers in his campaign)

He has not donated to his own foundation since 2008 and has used foundation funds illegally for *Pay for Play* like getting the Florida Trump University lawsuit dropped.

What exactly has he ever done for America or Americans?

To speak from his heart, he needs to read a script
because he has no heart.
His whole life has been doing whatever benefits him without a conscience.