Sunday, September 4, 2016

Trump's *Friends* or *Fiends*

Trump has said his friends are just people he meets through business.
The Trumps do not go out for dinner with another couple like most other couples do.

His *Friends* are mostly *Fiends*.
His *good friends of many years* have a history of sexual harassment and even pedophilia.
His campaign is filled with people who have racist views and others who have ties to Russia.
His surrogates are nasty and lie.

It is said he usually listens to the last person who has his ear.
If he were POTUS,
imagine what his cabinet would look like.

His only focus is winning,
always getting the best end of every deal and relationship.
Almost all are subjected to confidentiality agreements and law suit threats.

He has no ideology, no religion, and no conscience.
Any hint of the above is in a scripted speech,
not in his heart.
He has no heart.

Trump latest Fiend:

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