Monday, September 5, 2016

Atlantic City and Politics

We have been going to Atlantic City regularly since pregnant with our first son and Resorts was the first and only casino hotel.  Back then we would take a bus trip which included a voucher to go into a huge ballroom and get a free deli sandwich and sides.
I also enjoyed the food court at the ship mall on the boardwalk.
New casino hotels and restaurants sprouted.
We enjoyed the Trump casino hotels, the Hilton, and the Caesar/Harrah chain.
Saw lots of changes good and bad as far as what comps were being offered.

The Borgata was intimidating and confusing to me so the $5 comp minimum to be earned in a day was not appealing for short trips.  Finally gave them a real try after upgrading to their Black Label with our Harrahs Diamond status.

Previously we also enjoyed Chairman status at the Trump hotels but their buffet and Chairman clubs were unreliable in their service in comparison to the the Harrahs/Caesars options.  We did during those years make the mistake of investing and buying stock in the Trump casino brand.  Trump declared bankruptcies when the rest of Atlantic City was flourishing.  His casino hotels could have done many things to stay competitive with the Harrahs/Caesars group and The Borgata.

As the Harrahs/Caesar brand became less appealing because of changes in their comp system, we started staying and playing regularly at the Borgata.  Meanwhile, other casino hotels we liked to visit, especially Showboat, started closing. Then the Borgata started making some changes which made us lose interest in schlepping to AC altogether so we could no longer sustain the Black Label status.  We gave up alot of extra benefits which made the trips less appealing.  However, chasing these benefits started making the trips feel like a job instead of entertainment.

After our last two trips, I am fine with visiting the Borgata less often and still enjoying the visits.  I have been quite lucky there, usually winning a few bucks and my husband hit a nice Bingo jackpot on his birthday and still enjoys their racebook which is the only one in town.  We enjoy the BOGO buffet and free parking at the Golden Nugget and are discovering some great food choice in the new Borgata food court. (Trips to me always was about food LOL).

If we do not like the changes at the Borgata in the future, we may give the Golden Nugget more action if still in business.  Life in Atlantic city goes on.

Lets compare business and politics and ignore personalities.
As much as Trump destroyed his AC brand, Revel was the absolute worse disaster for AC.  It demonstrated what happens when people who do not have a clue about running a casino resort waste billions of dollars.    Same could be true about hiring such a person without any governing experience to be POTUS  and wasting billions of tax dollars.   This Mexican wall is an unrealistic economic disaster and the only real focus that Trump seems to have.

Clinton is experienced and understands what can be done and what cannot be done as far as government.  She is more like the Borgata.
Her ideology is much more in line with my own.
(specifically equal rights, gun laws and climate change)
She may make some changes to keep the US in business but is not making a bunch of unrealistic empty promises that would end in the bankruptcy of the US.
This is a gamble the US citizens cannot afford.

What do we have to lose with Trump?

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