Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Trump Choked

Trump loves to call everyone else *losers*.
Last night he was a huge LOSER.

He choked Big League, believe me.
He drank more water than little Marco.
Also snorted like the pig he is.

He believes his temperament is a *winning* temperament.
That is not the temperament of a President but the temperament of a bully.
He never apologizes or admits to a mistake.
Diplomacy is not in his dictionary.
Nothing presidential here.

Now as he tries to defend himself in post debate interviews and tweets, he is making his image worse and worse and even less presidential.  He may not lose the support of his Deplorables but anyone voting for him has to see the emperor is wearing no clothes.

just a small summary of the naked Trump:
His new Washington DC hotel contains mostly items imported from China in spite of his criticism about trade deals with China.
Holt asked Trump twice how he would bring businesses back to the USA and never got an answer. Trump, himself, is continuing to produce Trump products overseas as well as import products used in his businesses.
(stock markets around the world went up as Trump choked)

He has nothing to say to the people who want him to own his birtherism.
Declaring bankruptcy was good business.
He is smart so does not have to pay any income tax.
His tax plan will increase the Trump family estate by an estimate of 10 billion dollars.
His son boasted about money pouring in from Russia and Trump disrespectfully supported Putin as a better leader than Obama.  He also does not believe Russia hacked the DNC, etc.  He wants our allies to pay us for protection.
His foundation has not received a contribution from him since 2008 and has made a political donation  for which he received an IRS fine and made donations to cover law suit settlements.
He tweeted clearly that there is no Climate Change and blames China for making it an issue.
He criticized the Clinton campaign for its negative ads about him but Trump has used hate rhetoric to the point of suggesting the incarceration and even assassination of Clinton at his rallies.  He regrets not bringing up Bill's infidelity (people in glass houses should not throw stones or in this case boulders)

The list of lies goes on and on.
Bottomline, this narcissist does not have the judgement and temperament to be the next POTUS.
He never did anything for anyone unless it meant more $$ for him.
Winning the best end of any deal was all that mattered.
He is a sociopath with no conscience or moral compass.
He is Deplorable and anyone who votes for him is deplorable.
(the last mass shooting was by someone who had Nazis paraphernalia)

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