Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Why I Exercise Part 2

Several years ago, I wrote this blog post about why I exercise:


Because of the nastiness of the orange alien and his cohorts and the constant reminder of how nasty people can be online and in real life, I was teetering on the edge of the hole of depression.

Because of upcoming reunions and hearing from old friends, other negative thoughts were re-triggered.  I have two adult sons who will probably never marry or have children so I will never be a grandmother.  Because of these thoughts, I started falling into that hole of depression.
Thankfully, this morning's workout (an edit of a Sue Grant Older Wiser and Wonderful routine), I bounced right out of that hole and my mood did a 180.  I hope that my attempt to share workout videos with pumping music can produce similar results for others who are feeling doubtful about their lives.  I hope my efforts bring alittle sunshine to someone whose internal weather is feeling cloudy.  The Sun will come out tomorrow, if not today.

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