Sunday, October 23, 2016

Sister Fitness

I have been enjoying my first subscription to Sister Fitness since they had offered a $5 discount.   Their cardio videos are my current favorites.  Good Music and easy to follow athletic moves that work great with bouncing.  I like them so much that I have revisited them and enjoyed every visit.
I have bought DVDs for more money that I have not revisited so I have decided to continue the subscription.

 ETA 11/10:
They claim to post 6 videos each month for $15 and include a bonus video for each month of a subscription but this does not seem to be what I have found.   Only one *new* Cardio Blast which had some *whooing* and 3 sculpting videos have been added since my first month.  I was hoping for another music only Cardio Basic and maybe another retro routine.
The other unlocked classes are the same as what was listed during the first month.  Since I am interested in just their cardio,  I doubt I will subscribe next month.  $15 for one cardio class which may have some *whooing* was a disappointment.
If I depended on their site to stream live regularly, it may have been worthwhile to build a library but not with all of my other streaming and dvd options.

(Note: their classes are shorter than advertised on the VIP membership page)

Also want to give a shout out to the Medora classes:
(there used to be more free classes on this site)

Saturday, October 15, 2016

New Video File Download Options

I am experimenting with new ways to download videos especially from VK

The most reliable for stubborn sites like VK has been Firefox Download Helper.

Another option is a browser extension from savefrom called *net helper* but it needs tampermonkey

SaveFrom net helper is working on VK using Chrome on Windows10
SaveFrom net helper is working on VK using Opera on Windows10
SaveFrom net helper is also working on Opera with Windows7 after adding a newer version of  tampermonkey.
Sometimes it works on Chrome with Windows7 and sometimes it doesn't LOL

Sunday, October 9, 2016



I love it when my two passions overlap!

Women who support the orange ape lack intelligence, empathy and a conscience just like Don the Con

Givers and Takers

This election is not picking between a Democrat or a Republican.
This election is not picking between a Woman or a Man.
This election is not picking between Sanity or Insanity.
This election is not picking between Good or Evil.

It is actually about picking between a *Giver* or a *Taker*.

I have been online a long time, starting with a support group for parents of gay kids.
More recently my focus has been sharing an interest in workout videos and being healthier in mind, body and spirit.

The more of my time and energy I have given, the more resentment I have received from people who prefer to TAKE than GIVE.  These *Taker* personalities can become quite toxic.
It is sadly a truth about human nature.

I truly hope the *Givers* outnumber the *Takers* in our country and the world but unfortunately have found some powerful *Takers* (sociopaths) quite good at manipulating others in the middle.
It is called mob mentality.

The GOP, Religious Right, and Trump have opened the door to this toxicity.
I pray this door gets slammed shut but fear this is just the beginning.

Thursday, October 6, 2016

More Positive Thoughts

Just before bedtime, I was relieved to hear that Clinton's polls are still rising.
Even the Libertarian VP candidate is on the Never Trump train.
Also the new poll that if Kaine and Pence were the POTUS candidates that Kaine would win.
Cannot believe that Pence was named the debate winner when he lied and lied and lied just like his boss because unlike his boss, he looked and sounded presidential.
(how a devout Christian can lie so much is beyond my comprehension)
Nasty behavior and dishonesty have become normalized and even positive qualities in America thanks to Trump and his Deplorables.  Thankfully, America is waking up.

The emperor may have to find new clothes at the thrift store as his business acumen as well as his temperament are now highly doubted.

I am thankful for a good night's sleep with comfortable temperature,

I am thankful for the beautiful scenery right outside my windows like the sunrise upon waking.

(more later)
I am thankful for the creativity of Sister Fitness.
Today (10-7) is their last day to use the *FALLSALE* code to get 33% off their monthly subscription.
also check out the video on Facebook

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Keeping a Positive Attitude

I decided to start posting positive thoughts after being inspired by the second Walk and Talk on jessicasmithtv:

Yesterday was our older son's birthday which usually triggers painful memories and thoughts.  However, this year it was just another day.

This morning I am grateful for my new glasses which focus my eyes quicker and the generosity of friends.  Looking forward to trying new content from a friend or two this morning.  I am very happy that my sharing may have helped a long time friend get some stress relief.

Also am grateful for the homeopathic pills which stopped my leg cramps during the night and enabled me to sleep.  Grateful that this problem occurs less often and is easily resolved when it does occur.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Blog Links are Gone

Unfortunately, the Favorite Links for blogger have been removed.

If you are looking for me ....
you can email

or find me on these video sites:

or search for information about bungees
IBounce hexagon, PROBounce,  Jumpsport 550, etc.

or search for information about editing software:
Freemake Video Converter

Sunday, October 2, 2016

No Trust in Medicine

From a personal statin story:

"My biggest challenge each day is to control the rage, the anger, the sense of what I have lost for a worthless, poisonous drug that was SUPPOSE to make me healthier, not totally disabled."

The above pretty much described how I have felt the past three years or so, once I realized how taking a statin adversely affected my quality of life.  I am less angry now but still distrustful of the medical community in spite of being employed by a hospital most of my working life.  I ignore my muscle cramps and burning sensations in my feet and hands and tinnitus and just do the best I can without any hope of healing completely.
I doubt I will trust the medical community again.
If I break a leg or arm, I will seek medical help but otherwise, probably not.

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Deplorable Trump

Black people should not be against Trump because they are Black.
Hispanic people should not be against Trump because they are Hispanic.
Muslims should not be against Trump because they are Muslim.
Women should not be against Trump because they are Women.

Everyone should be against Trump because he is Trump.
A pathological liar and narcissist who is emotionally unstable.

Trump is only for Trump and against everyone else.