Sunday, October 23, 2016

Sister Fitness

I have been enjoying my first subscription to Sister Fitness since they had offered a $5 discount.   Their cardio videos are my current favorites.  Good Music and easy to follow athletic moves that work great with bouncing.  I like them so much that I have revisited them and enjoyed every visit.
I have bought DVDs for more money that I have not revisited so I have decided to continue the subscription.

 ETA 11/10:
They claim to post 6 videos each month for $15 and include a bonus video for each month of a subscription but this does not seem to be what I have found.   Only one *new* Cardio Blast which had some *whooing* and 3 sculpting videos have been added since my first month.  I was hoping for another music only Cardio Basic and maybe another retro routine.
The other unlocked classes are the same as what was listed during the first month.  Since I am interested in just their cardio,  I doubt I will subscribe next month.  $15 for one cardio class which may have some *whooing* was a disappointment.
If I depended on their site to stream live regularly, it may have been worthwhile to build a library but not with all of my other streaming and dvd options.

(Note: their classes are shorter than advertised on the VIP membership page)

Also want to give a shout out to the Medora classes:
(there used to be more free classes on this site)

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