Thursday, November 10, 2016

Current Suggestions

Both TotalFitnessDVDs and Amazon have the Weight Watchers Ultimate Dance DVD kit with Ilyse Baker for just under $20:

If you order from TotalFitnessDVDs and are not adding anything else to the order, do not use their 10OFF code because it will prevent their free shipping for an order over $19.

If you order from Amazon be sure to use the lower priced listing because they sell the same kit for $24.99 in a different listing.  Wish I had known that and ordered it through Amazon where I had lots of credit and needed more items for free shipping.

This set was released in 2014 and has been discounted at Family Dollar and Walmart but only recently appeared on my radar in a TotalFitnessDVDs newsletter.

Overall, I liked this set even though it had some TIFTTing.
Liked it even more after replacing the audio LOL

Also there is a new 10 minute walking dvd from Jessica Smith:

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