Wednesday, December 17, 2014

BBX, LS, KettleBody

Here's this morning's routine:

Edited to remove moves and add MUsic
BBX HardCore Burn Level 1 which was outstanding on the bungee!!
IMHO this routine offers much more interesting moves and combos than the new Insanity Max 30s!

Edited to add Holiday MUsic
Leslie Sansone Booster Mile which was ridiculously boring. Everyone was holding different toys but the toys were hardly used!!!  So after my fingers started tingling like crazy, I freestyled on the ball using different toys, including my home made walking XCO trainers (Pringles/Lays cans partially filled with rock salt and held with a wrist band wrapped around the can and my wrist)
Wound up trying some of the BBX moves on the ball and found they worked well too.

Edited to remove moves
GoFit Kettlebody by Brook (Benton)
Actually liked this one enough to want to revisit it but with MUsic next time.

Last night I had a very big Windows automatic update which took a long time to download before shutdown and then a very long time to configure this morning upon startup.
Just wanted to warn other Windows users to be patient when shutting down or starting up.

ETA: Strange spark indeed ...
Insanity Max Cardio Challenge with the planks removed and music added.  Worked both standing and sitting in a swivel chair.

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