Sunday, December 21, 2014


I have been so busy sharing stuff on WellVideo that I forgot what I did this morning LOL
Two dvd uploads had corrupted files, one I had to upload the second part after the corrupted file and the other I had removed the corrupted file before uploading because I became aware of the glitch. It's much more work to have to do this reconstruction.
I think a Windows update may be interfering with ripping separate VTS files with both Handbrake and Freemake Video Converter.    Too much of a coincidence that both breaks were right inbetween two separate VTS files.  Once I am sure that it is the problem,  I will report it to Freemake so hopefully they can eventually fix the glitch.

OK I now remember I did another Leslie Walk with Holiday MUsic.  Loved the music but Leslie was just her usual self so I mostly freestyled.

ETA: I forgot to mention I fixed the clogged low water cutoff on our oil burner!
Saved us $425 for an unneeded replacement.

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