Monday, December 8, 2014


Women after menopause will be given a statin prescription after losing their estrogen protection against coronary artery disease.  Statins are a placebo for women, not offering anything but a fake sense of protection from heart disease while promoting heart failure, dementia, and metabolic disease by preventing exercise, enabling insulin resistance, and enabling weight gain.  Good luck in finding a doctor who doesn't insist on all of their patients taking this toxic substance which creates all sort of deficiencies in an otherwise healthy body.   At least, I think I got my doctor on the CoQ10 train after initially implying it was a placebo then he wrote me a script for Crestor!

Most of my side effects from deficiencies have been reversed but many other victims have not been as fortunate.  Doctors ignore the complaints so most adverse side effects go unreported.  It took me 15 years on Lipitor to connect the dots that most of my discomforts were statin induced.

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