Friday, December 12, 2014

Windows Tools

I think there may be some confusion about a couple of built in tools for Windows:
Check Disk will scan and repair errors on the hard drive
Search for the directions depending on your Windows version
Here it is for Windows7

Windows Disk Cleaning tool removes unnecessary stuff from the hard drive
Search for the directions depending on your Windows version.
Here it is for Windows 7

and remember, if you want to remove any programs, use the Windows built-in uninstalling/removal tool.  Don't just try to randomly delete the program from your hard drive.
here's a walk through for Windows 7

Personally, my pcs run much faster without an intrusive viral program.  All I use is Windows Defender, Malwarebytes, and the common sense not to click randomly on links to keep my devices running smoothly.
I use alot of caution when downloading and installing Freeware too.
If I goof, it is Malwarebytes to the rescue
(one of my worse infections came from what I thought was a reliable source, an Adobe Flash update)
If a suspicious item keeps returning, run Windows in safe mode (restart pc and keep tapping F8) then open Malwarebytes

Highly recommended anti-virus programs have slowed down my pcs instead of keeping them churning.

To stream faster without advertisements, try an Adblock program

and clear your browser cache regularly:

If video is not playing or loading well, refresh or reload the page.

If you want to download a video without special software, I like this site:

For more tips from Google

and Tips for Chrome

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