Wednesday, December 31, 2014


Last night I had a terrible thigh spasm (Thank God for Arnica gel!) and the peripheral neuropathy was really intense the rest of the night and this morning.  The thought of living with this condition the rest of my life was downright depressing.

I figured I would try to workout anyway and sure enough, once the music started and I started moving, I felt much better physically and mentally.  The MUsic I added to several Dakidissa files was great and she had plenty of simple unique moves to try on the bungee and ball.

I think my favorite was this one:

Of course I preferred it with my MUsic.  If you do not like the music in the original, just play your own (or visit Bouncin Barb on

Since the neuropathy feels very different, higher into my thighs but not as bad in the feet, I am hoping that is a sign that the nerves sheaths are starting to heal and not a sign of it progressing and getting worse.  Time will tell.  Silver lining, I may be asking for a medical marijuana script. LOL

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