Tuesday, December 2, 2014

JS Gliding

This morning I did one of my edited jessicasmithtv gliding videos.  I had previously shared the file with Holiday MUsic but this morning I did the one with more current MUsic and loved it!  It worked on the 550 as well as on the carpet with gliding disks and also some moves worked well on the Hopper Ball.  I also did some of it with the Holiday MUsic. Having the same routine but with two different soundtracks makes the two routines feel completely different.

I did some searching online about my dizziness especially when still, peripheral neuropathy, and tinnitus.  Unfortunately, even though there are dozens of other people with similar symptoms who have seen many specialists and had many tests, there doesn't seem to be a tangible diagnosis or successful treatment so I will just try to move on and stop hoping to feel what I perceive to be normal.  Focusing on it probably makes it feel worse so will just ignore it best I can. Actually, I have had this light-headed dizziness for most of my life, especially in stores with bright lights.

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