Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Great Routines Today!

This morning I did a bunch of short routines which can also be done as warmups or sparks.
Here are the routines I visited this morning:

My edited Dance It Off Spark which was great on the bungee

Petra Kolber's 1700 Steps from Fitness Glo which was a nice walking routine with decent MUsic.

A spark I had edited from David Haye's Box & Tone which worked great on the ball with Fitstix.

and last but not least an edited Essentrics Full Body routine which was on Befit's youtube channel

(all of the above can be found on my wellvideo Playlist for Sparks)

Well this morning I think I discovered that some of the hormones previously suppressed by statin use have returned along with the need for me to have to start using deodorant again.
At least my body is recovering, even less feet tingling and ear buzzing.

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