Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Downloading vs Streaming

Some workout fans prefer streaming to downloading and even pay for streaming content.

I much prefer downloading to avoid buffering delays when actually doing the routine and to sample some of it before wasting a workout session on a streamed routine that may not click for me. I also prefer to edit then burn most routines to use in my basement workout area,
Some routines available online may not be available in the future for a revisit, especially if there is a conflict with music copyrights.    Downloading has saved me from losing a favorite routine many times, especially the second Dance Party routine by Jessica Smith (AKA: Cardio Dance Party).

This morning I revisited a couple of downloads which were burned on a dvdr in March 2013.  The first time I visited them was in August 2014 so it took alot of detective work to find the specific dvdr.

I knew I had the original Linda Edler Latin Beginner class which disappeared from my Dance Playlist on a dvdr and it was worth the time and effort to find the dvdr with the video file because it is a true Party in a Box.  Her replacement Latin Dance Fitness Beginners 2 video just doesn't have the same feel but I will eventually try it.  Also liked the Purple Store tube warmup with the audio replaced.

again MUsic makes a huge difference!

ETA: I just did some of my edited version of  Unleash with Bipasha Basu and the MUsic I used was awesome!  The original can be found on youtube.

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