Thursday, April 30, 2015

Alittle Research Goes a Long way

I had received an email from Toshiba offering a deal on a small notebook which may be a perfect cheap replacement for our den dinosaur with Windows XP which has been limping along.  Mostly my husband uses it for making online horse racing bets since our son and I both have our own laptops.  However, with alittle digging, I found a much better choice for the same price on Amazon after getting $30 off with an Amazon credit card.  The first Toshiba notebook had half the memory, no dvd drive, and no real hard drive.  The one I ordered has similar specs to our Acer and Toshiba laptops which cost almost $200 more several years ago.  It will have the smaller 15 inch screen but that is all that is needed since our other laptops are 17 inch screens and the new one will be near our large HD TV for streaming.  Tomorrow is our 39th Wedding Anniversary so it was time.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Great Edits

This morning I did 4 different edited routines and the time flew by.

First was PlyoJam which has a couple of samples on youtube but the one I used was from their dvd/download.

Then I did the two youtube Radio routines.
Finished with an edit of the youtube SparkPeople routine.
I will be taking a break from blogging for a couple of days but I think there is plenty already available to keep anyone MUving who likes working out to MUsic.

Monday, April 27, 2015

Edited and Foreign Routines

This morning I did an edited file of a CardiYoFit Tabata Flow
Then I did some edited Cours Direct Gym baton routines of which they have several.  They worked very well with my light Katami bar.  After I visit them all, I may embed my favorite.  

Everything above was enjoyable but most moves had too many reps for my preferences.

I also did some of the standing segments from Prima Torna routines which had some interesting unique moves.  This one is on youtube

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Jessica and CardiYoFit

This morning's workout was mostly the edited file of the Womens Health Train for your Bodytype with Jessica Smith which is on youtube:
Most of it was very bungee and ball friendly.

I also did some of an edited clip which was on youtube which used a book as a weight and worked great with a purple Zumba stick as the weight.
Enjoyed both of the above enough to plan a revisit.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Several great files

I did several files this morning and enjoyed them all!  I love doing alot of short files in one workout session because it keeps my attention better than one long routine.

One was a youtube clip that I had edited so will embed those files:
25 Minute Medicine Ball & Step total body workout with voice over

Again if you visit WellVideo and decide to register, please use my invitation link:

then introduce yourself to me (Bouncin Barb) with a message and/or friend me.
One day these points I earn for referrals may be transferred to you for subscriptions to more private content.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Traci Preceded Tracie

Tracie Anderson is the favorite instructor of many home exercisers.   Ironically when she first hit the scene, I had her confused with another Traci,  Traci Lords.   Besides similar names, both are blonde and both have unique exercise styles.   Traci Lords Jazzthetics and Advanced Jazzthetics were not nearly as popular, maybe because the internet and video streaming were in their infancy and dvds were just starting to become an workout medium.

Anywho the original Jazzthetics is now on youtube so I added the Advanced Jazzthetics to the online library.

I actually liked these routines because of their quirky music and less cuing but that was back in the days when I did not mind getting down on the ground.

I just ordered some supplements through Iherb because their prices and free shipping for orders over $20 makes them the best choice for me.  Here is a link that will get you $10 off your first order! 

Thursday, April 23, 2015

GymVirtual and TA

Found a youtube channel I really like!

The trainer does many unique moves and enough reps to really get into them.

This is the routine I did on the bungee this morning
Cardio to Eliminate Cellulite

Then I did some Tracey Anderson but while sitting on a stability ball which worked great.
Finished with some Les Mills BodyVive.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Zumba, Rebecca and BodyVive

This morning I did some more Zumba tunes then did the edited file of the youtube Beginners Cardio with Rebecca Louise

Then I did another Zumba African style song which actually worked nicely on the stability ball and finished with some BodyVive. sitting on the stability ball while holding a chiball.

Some online workout buddies are starting to dabble in video file editing and making their workout sessions more productive and enjoyable.   I found the more I had to modify or tweak a move or fast forward through it, the more I would lose my interest and energy.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Stott and Zumba

This morning I warmed up with an edited file by Group Rx which is similar to Les Mills type routines.  It was a perfect spark warm-up on the bungee.

Then I visited the standing flow routine on the Stott Zen-ga Flow which was a huge disappointment.  I chose no cuing because I cannot stand the cuing by the same instructor in previous Stott walking routines.  The moves did not match the bland music and were actually more bland than the music so not even going to try to salvage it with better music.  I have not visited even the edited Stott Walks in my private collection because visually this instructor with her constant turning to her background exercisers for affirmation or enthusiasm about boring moves grows old quickly.

Then I did some Zumba which I really enjoyed because of a no cuing option but will not even give the dvd title.  Ironically it was an OOP Zumba VHS given away with Special K cereal that was my first copyright strike on youtube.  Then an edited Stott walk was my second strike so I refuse to give either company free advertising.  Also do not buy anything from Google if I can avoid it, finding their customer service terrible.  I understand how BIG youtube is but they could have a sentient being reviewing their deleted youtube account appeals instead of just destroying months of work with a press of a button.  I received a third strike well after the 6th month period of the first strike for a song which was later allowed but I could not get my account reopened.  Google just does not give a damn about their customers and my account was bringing them lots of views so dumb business strategy.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Another Winner

I really enjoyed my edited version of
from youtube this morning which worked on the bungee and ball:

My husband had sticker shock this morning when filling his Lipitor prescription which is now over $80 every three months and over $1000 if no insurance.  He will be switching to the generic next refill.  Cannot imagine a company charging so much to poison their customers.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

No More Moderator Hats!

I am a *People Pleaser* and very sensitive.  A rigid mold I have been chipping away at for most of my life.  My ability to understand complex stuff and try to help with simplified solutions has made me don the Moderator hat many times online.  Wearing that hat seems to invite negative opinions of me and personal attacks too often for my sensitive nature.  I do not enjoy confrontation and prefer to avoid people who do not care for me or my feelings.  Confrontation only brings Stress for everyone involved. 

There is a saying that you can only be as happy as your least happy child.  I found this very true for me and it made me miserable for many years.   Now I am focusing on my own needs first and trying not to *fix* everything for them.  Like a glutton for punishment, I still continue to try to *fix* everything for total strangers online.

Our older son soon to be 36 distanced himself since the age of 17 when he came out as gay.  He may have been distancing himself his whole life emotionally but that was the turning point of distancing himself physically as well.   I felt very rejected by him and it hurt. He was very pleasant in his last visit bringing his nice new boyfriend to meet us before they went to see a show in a nearby town.  However, he also stopped by with his tax information because his dad was going to do his taxes for him.  (I am not kidding myself, the visit was probably more for getting his taxes done than meeting his boyfriend based on son's previous behavior)  He seemed much happier than he has been in years and I hope the relationship lasts if both are happy in it.

Soon after our son came out, I quit my job of 22 years and discovered the internet.  I started searching for other parents who had a gay child and before I knew it, I had created and was moderating a support group for all of us.   Then it happened,  a manipulative personality decided to cause confrontations and one thing led to another.  For my own emotional survival, I gave up being the moderator of the group I had created.   Some became so nasty, I completely quit the group.  I was deeply depressed from this series of events and then discovered how much regular exercise could help my physical and emotional well-being after seeing a TaeBo infomercial.  

Since then I have been active on various online groups with video workouts as the focus.  I avoided anyone who seemed to be looking for an easy target to vent their negative feelings on.  It seemed like I wore a sign *Kick Me* cuz I will not kick back.   Still being the glutton for punishment, I became a Moderator on WellVideo.   After the third difficult encounter, I decided I was *Out* as Moderator and quit the capacity and hit a 4th negative encounter on the way out.  What have I learned?  I have learned to not put myself in this kind of position ever again.  I still love WellVideo and many people with whom I have connected and will offer advice to people who seem to want it  but will carefully slam the door shut on those who like to make doormats out of *People Pleasers*.

Friday, April 17, 2015


Yesterday morning I continued visiting older edits of Denise Austin routines and liked them all!

There is some overlapping in the moves and music since edited in the same time period but I really enjoyed each routine enough to just share them all.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Another Exhausting Day

At least I did do my workout this morning before running around on errands.  Most of my session were edited files of Denise Austin which were almost 2 years old!  Sometimes the music was too soft because that was before I used MP3Gain to make the volume of my MP3 files louder.

I will still be storing and therefore sharing some videos on WellVideo but checking other alternatives for the more private files I want to do when online.  DailyMotion may be a good fit since I already have an account and private means private there.  Their mobile app even worked on wifi when I was in AC with my cheap unactivated smart phone LOL
Dropbox and Google Drive are great but have limited space.
Filemail also limits their free use now.
I can still share the links to various videos with trusted friends without being bombarded with more requests from total strangers.  VK and mymail seem to intimidate many because located in Russia. Only drawback on DailyMotion are the ads
but they are prevented by *get adblock* on Chrome.
adblock plus on Firefox

I like get adblock so much that I actually made a donation!

I will still openly share many of my edits on WellVideo and other sites, many of which may even be embedded on this blog.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Exhausting Day

This morning we had a new kitchen floor installed which brought life into our old kitchen.  I am very happy with the whole experience using SmartCarpet.  Their salesman came to our home with samples, took measurements and less than two weeks later, all is done.  The installer did a wonderful job.  Much better than going to Lowes or Home Depot and trying to figure out what would look right and trying to coordinate measurements and installation.

I did not have a regular workout this morning, conserving my energy for returning stuff to the kitchen.

Monday, April 13, 2015

New Ellen Barretts

I had received the first of the two new Ellen Barrett dvds awhile ago (Stretch Sculpt) and enjoyed most of it and even edited it to removed the moves I prefer to skip and replaced the audio.  This morning her Peace, Love & Cardio arrived before my workout so I enjoyed visiting it sight unseen.  I did pretty much the whole routine just staying with the modifier to skip the planks in the last 10 minutes.  The first 20 minutes actually worked well on my JumpSport 550.  I do not think I will edit this one for awhile because the cuing is helpful and and I can work around the moves I do not like.

Then I did the second half of her Stretch Sculpt and quickly saw why I had edited that one!  LOL

Anyway it was a pleasant surprise that Peace, Love and Cardio could use a bungee.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Today's Blog from WellVideo

I love editing workouts to remove moves I prefer to skip and to replace the audio with MUsic that makes me want to move or MUve.  I first started edited files in 2012 and even captured VHS footage with a dongle device for awhile.  Some were uploaded to my now deleted youtube account and some were not stored at all because I still could use the VHS.  Since then, not only did Google unfairly close my youtube account (long story),  I have I stopped using the dongle device after it locked up my laptop, damaged the Chrome browser and killed 2 vcrs.  Actually it was probably deteriorated VHS that damaged the vcrs. Fortunately, I still have a few working vcrs and all files I burned to dvdr play well in my DVD players.  Unfortunately, some files which were burned to dvdr do not work in the laptop that burned them so I cannot share them.    Maybe one day another dvd drive will allow me access.

This morning I did a few routines from a dvdr that my laptop will not open.   One was a Nia Brown Belt with Bollywood MUsic and the other was a Richard Simmons Pump & Sweat using an AirStepper with Peter, Paul and Mary MUsic.  I was loving the Nia with Carlos who has since retired and really enjoying the music during Pump& Sweat which works great on a rebounder or stability ball with various upper body movements but became sad realizing that nobody else would ever get the joy that these routines bring.  I was 13 years old when given my first Peter, Paul, and Mary album at my first boy&girl birthday party.    One of their songs was a favorite of mine when a senior in colleges.   You can say I grew up listening to Peter, Paul and Mary.  Now I can bounce to them.  I still have the MUsic on my laptop so will use them in the next Leslie I edit, realizing it was the MUsic that affected me, not the simple moves in Richard's Pump&Sweat

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Great Edited Files

This morning I did more of the edited files of Tracey Mallett's Cardio Melt and an Exercise TV routine with Cindy Whitmarsh which I had stored on a dvdr in May 2013.  Lots of good bouncing and some good moves holding a single dumb bell (or in my case purple Zumba stick).

My invitation link to WellVideo is

(part 2 of Cardio Melt has not been seen on youtube)

Last evening, I did a nice stretching routine and slept like a baby.  I plan to do some sort of feel good routine before bed each evening.

Friday, April 10, 2015

Karma Baby!!!

Today my generous donation towards karma paid off.

I had lost some digital files of VHS routines after my videos were no longer available online.  Back then, I had captured the files with a cheap EasyCap dongle which I no longer want to use after it made my laptop crash as well as killed the original vcr I used with it plus another spare vcr!  
I stupidly did not store back ups of these files because I still had and can use the VHS
(yes, I still have a couple of other vcrs LOL).
Then I remembered I had shared the files privately with the person who had requested them.  Luckily, all of the files were available from a video cloud similar to DropBox!

This morning I visited some old files which I came across when looking for the files discussed above.   They were edits of Tracey Mallett's Cardio Melt back when I kept the cuing and all moves but the music was still nice and loud.   I just tweaked the moves I did not like and it all worked fine for me.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Still MUving here

I am still MUving to edited files each day and bouncing on my bungees and stability ball.

Have not been checking in as regularly because I am trying to make WellVideo more user friendly for all languages.  It points system can be quite confusing, especially when there are so many different languages.  However, the system is starting to make more sense to me so I am trying to inform others as I learn more about it.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Handbrake Walk Through for Ripping a DVD

Download Handbrake directly from
for whatever operating system you are using

Quick Walkthru for ripping with Handbrake:
put in dvd
open Handbrake
click on *Source*s

choose dvd

wait while Handbrake scans the titles

choose a title # to rip

choose a destination file location
Browse to choose the ripped title destination file location,
Option: create a new folder for the ripped file(s)

select MP4 under Output Settings

also edit the destination file format extension to (dot).mp4 if it reads (dot).m4v, especially if you want sites like Wellvideo to identify the video file as MP4

click the Green Start button

when done it will say *Queue Finished* on bottom of screen and Start button will be Green again
you can then select another title and so on

Download Handbrake directly from
for whatever operating system you are using

If you get a distorted video when trying to open a video file with Windows Media Player, it may be mkv format instead of MP4.  Try playing it on the VLC media player instead.

If Handbrake will not open the Source DVD title you want, try using opening the File (VTS) instead of the DVD as your source. If still stubborn, use Shrink to produce the VTS files then use Handbrake on those VTS files.  For more info:

Note: WellVideo sometimes does not accept MP4 files produced by Handbrake.  Be sure you change the name of the file extension to (dot).mp4 if it reads (dot).m4v on the destination file name

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Still Editing and MUving

Still doing edited files of Ultimatum and this one from youtube:

Its cardio works nicely for everyone, not just postnatal women.

The weird shoulder pain I had yesterday morning disappeared after applying Arnica gel and never returned, thankfully.

Remember if you want to visit Wellvideo, use my invitation link!

Monday, April 6, 2015


Numbers are back and even though my cholesterol results were terrible (except great HDL), the younger partner is ok with me not taking any statins and ignoring the results.    My husband who had switched to taking his Lipitor every other day had slightly higher results but they were still in a good range.  Lower statin dosage can mean less adverse side effects.  My numbers were even ok after switching to 3 times a week before I decided to just quit altogether.

Finding a doctor who will not stress us out is priceless since stress is the number one risk factor for heart disease and everything else.

This morning I did a few edited files but just before I started something happened to my right shoulder.  Thankfully Arnica gel came to the rescue.  The files I used were from the Ultimatum series with Lindsi Sanor:

Her cardio was great on the rebounder but I had removed most plank moves before replacing the soundtracks.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Happy Easter

Unfortunately I just didn't feel like hopping like a bunny this morning.  I did do most of an edited Piranha routine but just never really got my motor running. May try to do a workout later in the day.

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Jessica Smith

Jessica Smith is my favorite instructor and has been for a long time.  I have edited many of her videos from her youtube channel (jessicasmithtv), mostly replacing the audio with music because youtube greatly restricts copyrighted music:

She has two projects in the works:
a new walking style dvd
a week of new routines on youtube based on fan feedback.
I would so love for her to combine her chair cardio and sitting on a stability ball routines since I sit-bounce on a stability everyday, many times while following her moves.  Her fusion walks and dance routines work great on a stability ball and I love her routines while holding a weightless object (ball, towel, band, etc.).

Hopefully a cardio stability ball routine will be in the mix.
If not, I will use whatever she does create with my music and toys.

Please visit her donation website if you want to help support Jessica's youtube channel

If you have not noticed, I am using my blog and WellVideo to share my creations.
Please use my invitation link if you want to visit WellVideo

This morning I did another edited Bartlett routine on the bungee and ball then some Cathe Gliding and enjoyed how she added in some dancier steps and even boxing.  I may cross-train with my gliding pads more often.

Friday, April 3, 2015

Zoobado and Fitness Glo

This morning I did edited files of routines found on Zoobado
All of their workouts are free for everyone.

I also did an edited routine found on Fitness Glo.

I really enjoyed the results of the editing which included removing moves I prefer to skip and replacing the audio with pumping MUsic.

There is the option of playing your own music and muting these videos when streaming.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Bartlett and WellVideo

This morning I did the Bartlett routine I shared yesterday and visited a few new routines recently burned to dvdr to see how they felt.  Also I found a bunch of Leslie Sansone Walks recently uploaded to youtube so you may want to search youtube if interested.  I embedded the urls of many of them on WellVideo.

If you want to check out WellVideo, please use my invitation link:

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

April Fools

Today was the day of the dreaded doctor's office visit which was not as bad because the younger doctor seems much nicer than the older doctor.  My BP was elevated but he didn't even seem concerned and I did not lose any weight though I thought I had so that was disappointing. At least, I did not gain any weight and celebrating our son's and my recent birthdays did not help.  I will be able to see the lab results online which is a nice change.

He did suggest Red Rice Yeast but I explained I am only interested in keeping my HDL up and do not care what the other cholesterol results are.   I do not want anything interfering with the production of cholesterol or any other compounds in my body.  Red Rice Yeast can cause the same deficiencies and adverse side effects as a statin.  Cholesterol is not the enemy.

Before the office visit, I enjoyed some of an edited Daniel Barlett Low Impact Cardio routine:

The numbers are available.  Cholesterol levels were high as expected but the good news is that my HDL remained high too.   Otherwise everything else was pretty much unchanged except no Thyroid hormone results were given and I have a multi-cystic goiter.